How to Get the Most out of Your Content on Pinterest

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How to Get the Most out of Your Content on Pinterest

We know it’s hard to create new content for Pinterest, and while regularly creating new blog posts, products, and pages with great images may be the best way to grow your business on Pinterest (and elsewhere!), your time is valuable – and in short supply!

And every minute spent promoting your content is a minute you’re not developing your next new product or blog post, serving your customers, or enjoying some downtime at home.

Here are some ideas on how you can spend your time wisely to get the most out of each new piece of content without going overboard. Jeff Sieh and I discussed this live on Facebook recently.

Step 1: Think of a few ways your content could appeal to different audiences.

This will help your content appear in more search results.

Making sure your content is relevant to more audiences is a win-win. To get started, identify a few specific audiences for your content. How might you do that?

Let’s say you wrote a recipe blog post for a Garden Cherry Bourbon Smash cocktail (yum). A few audiences who might be interested in your recipe are:

  • Bourbon drinkers
  • Holiday party hosts
  • Couples planning a wedding

For each of the groups above, think about what might appeal to them. What might they search for that would be relevant to your content? Here are some examples of how to appeal to each audience: 

  1. Bourbon drinkers: Your Next Favorite Bourbon Cocktail
  2. Holiday party hosts: A Holiday Cocktail to Wow Your Friends at Your Next Party
  3. Couples planning a wedding: THE Signature Wedding Cocktail of 2020

    Hint: If the content itself doesn’t include a mention of any of these specific concepts, add it in! This will make for a more satisfying experience as Pinterest users click through to your site, and Google loves updated content, too. 🙂
How to reach a different audience and appear in different search results on Pinterest - three examples reaching bourbon drinkers, holiday party hosts, and couples planning a wedding.

When attempting to identify potential additional audiences or contexts, here are a few questions you can ask yourself:

  • How can you engage a brand new audience you might not be reaching today?
    • Hint: use different keywords to appear in more unique searches 
  • How can you get your content into new searches and in front of new people on Pinterest by relating it to a variety of common everyday interests
  • What current trends could you incorporate?
    • Hint: Check out for ideas!
  • What are some upcoming seasonal moments or important life events for which your content may be especially relevant?
    • Hint: Pinners plan EARLY (e.g. holiday trends start picking up as early as April!). Grab our planner and get ahead of these trends.
    • Grab our list of seasonal events, everyday interests, and life events which are applicable to Pinterest!

[sc name=”everything-pinterest-webinar-text-cta”]

Step 2: Create different Pin designs for each audience to test for what works. 

There’s no perfect Pin that appeals to everyone. Design a few specific Pins for each of your target audiences or contexts, and see what works best for each one. This is now incredibly easy with Tailwind Create.

When testing, you’ll be looking at which styles, types of images, or titles work best for an audience. It’s very important to do this in moderation and to ensure each Pin Design is distinctly unique. 

When creating Pin images, try a few very different styles and then watch what people like. One is two women toasting with colorful drinks, another is a top-down shot of drinks with

Publishing many similar Pins for the same piece of content (with only slight differences or tweaks) creates a poor experience for Pinterest users who end up seeing the same idea over and over again. It’s also not likely to help you actually learn what works for a given audience.

You may be investing more time for only marginally-better results. Eventually, Pinners may begin to ignore your content, unfollow your boards, or even block your account. 

Be specific. Try to present each Pin in its own unique way with:

  • New photo(s), 
  • Different text on the image,
  • Unique titles
  • Fresh supporting descriptions 
  • Sharing to different Boards, if applicable
Images look very similar. Same photo, same text on image.
Images are unique and feature different photos and text on image.
  • Only have one or two photos of your product right now? Take more if you can, and remember to plan for plenty of white space to allow you to include concise and motivating text on the image.

Step 3: Timely Publishing

Pin each design to the most relevant Board first. When sharing one Pin design to multiple relevant Boards, make sure to space them out using a generous interval (try at least 7-10 days) to avoid creating a poor, repetitive experience for Pinners.

Because you are targeting more than one audience and using different keywords, you can share the first designs for your bourbon drinkers, holiday party hosts, and couples planning a wedding on the same day if you’d like. If you created additional Pin designs for testing with those audiences, give each design a chance to pick up steam for a week or more before sharing your next design.

If those intervals are longer than you’re used to, you may want to consider moving your content calendar up by a few weeks to make sure your designs get out in time for plan-ahead Pinterest users!

Step 4: Measure the results

Measure your engagement, impressions, and traffic using Tailwind’s Top Pins Report, Pin Inspector, and Tribes. You can also use Pinterest’s analytics and Google analytics to see which Pins are driving traffic to your site. If you see an idea or design style that works well for a particular audience, create more content and Pins in a similar mold to reach them again with new content in the future. 

Tailwind’s Top Pins Report is a Quick and Easy Way to See Which Pins are Bringing in the Most Traffic to Your Site.

Try it out today with a [sc name=”free-trial-of-tailwind-for-pinterest”].

Step 5: Keep Getting More From Your Content

Thinking of ways to give your existing content new life on Pinterest? First, ask yourself:

  • Is this idea or piece of content still relevant to your business? Should the content itself be updated to make it more relevant for today?
  • Would new audiences respond better to a brand new blog post or product listing? Maybe it’s time to create new content for your site or blog.
  • If you decide to create new ideas for this content, which new audiences might engage with this content if you presented it in a way that addresses exactly what they’re looking for? Repeat the process in steps 1 and 2 above.

Creating new ideas for existing content helps your content be found in new searches and is less likely to appear repetitive to Pinterest users. 

But, sometimes your great ideas may fall flat or lose steam over time. You may want to create new Pin designs for your content:

  • If the content doesn’t get distribution from the first attempt – if you still feel the idea is relevant, perhaps you need to try a very different design; or the text on image, title, and description didn’t quite attract who you were aiming for. Try again and see if a whole new approach might work. If that flat lay fell flat, try a lifestyle image instead!
  • When there is a new seasonal approach you can add to the design of the Pin – cozy fall colors, themes, and motifs just don’t appeal to Pinterest users in the spring! Make your idea fit into TODAY.
  • When it might be newly relevant or fit into a current search trend. That “homework tips” blog post could be really useful for parents struggling to support their kids with remote learning right now. This is a great opportunity for also pulling in new keywords such as “remote learning”!

Test a couple of new Pin designs (don’t overdo it!) 

An Easy Formula for Reaching New Audiences and Appearing New Searches on Pinterest

If you like an “add this to that and get something amazing” kind of formula, well, you’re in luck. Our “Everything You Need to Know to Succeed on Pinterest” webinar is new, free, and comes with a printable formula to help you reach new people with your content. Check it out!

Here’s a sneak peek:

But if you want the handy list of everyday interests, seasonal moments, life events along with inspiring examples, grab the pdf along with the webinar now.

[sc name=”create-cta-blue-bloggers”]

In Conclusion:

When you unlock new audiences and new keyword searches for your content, your distribution and traffic can skyrocket. It’s simple when you:

  1. Find your audiences.
  2. Create a couple of Pin designs for each one.
  3. Share strategically.
  4. Measure the results.
  5. Keep getting more from your content.

Have you tried this method? What surprising audiences have engaged with your content? Tell us all about it in the comments.

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How to Get the Most out of Your Content on Pinterest

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