How to Write a Blog Post in Less than 3 Minutes with Ghostwriter

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With fast-paced news cycles, constantly-evolving technology, and instantaneous social media platforms, you might be wondering, is blogging still relevant?

Absolutely! (You’re here reading this, right?!)

Despite the influx of new platforms, tools, and tactics, blogging continues to be an effective marketing strategy for businesses of all sizes. Blogging helps boost visibility, engagement, credibility, and trust. And this drives sales.

But blogging takes a lot of time. Or does it?

AI-tools have irrevocably changed content creation, including blogging. 

In this post we show you how to maximize your marketing efforts and growth by harnessing the power of AI with Tailwind’s Ghostwriter to save an incredible amount of time on blog creation.

Write a Blog Post in Less Than 3 Minutes Using Tailwind’s Ghostwriter

One-Time Preliminary Set-up

(These first steps might take you another 3 minutes, but you only have to do them once.)

1. Install the Tailwind Browser Extension 

You can add our extension to Chrome, Safari, Edge or Firefox. If you’re new to using browser extensions this help article will show you how.  

2. Open Your Web Writing Editor

Do you usually draft your blog posts right in your blogging platform? 

Cool. Start a new post and look for the Tailwind “ghost” in the bottom right corner. 

I like to do my writing drafts in a Google doc, so I’m going to show the process in that editor, but it’ll work the same in any web editor you’re using. 

Boring part done. Now the fun part starts!

3. Open the Tailwind Ghostwriter Extension

Click on the Tailwind browser extension “ghost” in the bottom right hand corner of your web browser. 

Screenshot of a blank google doc

When you open the little ghost you’ll see this:

Screenshot of Tailwind Ghostwriter AI Labs interface

Alternatively, you can go to your Tailwind Dashboard, open AI Labs, and follow the same instructions.

4. Click on Blog/Article

Find Blog/Article on the left-hand menu and select From Idea To Full Article. Or choose it from the main window. 

Screnshot of Tailwind Ghostwriter From Idea to Full Article Highlight

5. Ideas for the Article

Enter a brief description of what the article or blog post is about. 

In this example we’re using “LinkedIn hooks and using hooks for engagement”.

Click Generate Titles.

Screenshot of Tailwind Ghostwriter Generate Title Ideas

6. Select a Preferred Title

Select a title and article summary as is, or make any edits you wish.

Click Continue to Outline

Screenshot of Tailwind Ghostwriter Generate Title and Summary

7. Generate Outline

If you didn’t make any edits at the title stage you can do that now. Then click Generate Outline. 

Screenshot of Tailwind Ghostwriter Generate Outline

8. Preview Outline

Again, make any edits you wish. Click Generate Full Article.

Screenshot of Tailwind Ghostwriter Generate Full Article

9. Preview Full Article

Did you notice how fast we got here? What was that? 2 minutes?!

Watch the article get written before your eyes. The article follows conventional writing rules with introductions, transitions, and conclusions. No loose ends here. 

What if you don’t like the text? Simply Re-Generate Article to see another option. 

Hot tip: you can copy and paste any part of the article, title, and summary out of the Ghostwriter AI Labs interface so you can craft exactly the post you want to publish. Use this tool as a springboard to inspire your own writing and move past writer’s block

Screenshot of Tailwind Ghostwriter Generating Full Article
Screenshot of Tailwind Ghostwriter complete Full article

You can make any edits you want in this Ghostwriter window. When you’re done, download or copy the text. (I recommend both.)

For this example, I’m going to copy and paste it into my Google doc. 

10. Polish the Article

Paste your post into your blog editor. Edit and polish to your liking.

Format the headers and add images. 

Although Tailwind’s Ghostwriter can produce a blog post in 3 minutes, you’ll want to thoroughly proofread, re-read, and edit the text to align with your blogging voice.

Screenshot of Google Doc blog post draft

Worried that your AI-generated post might not index well in Google search? Check out the 5 Do’s and 5 Don’ts for AI-Generated Content In 2023

Tl;dr: Google favors content that meets an E-E-A-T standard: Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. If your AI-generated content fulfills these standards and ultimately helps the end-user, it will meet Google’s criteria for search queries. 

11. Publish!

Need a social media graphic to help market that post? Use Tailwind Create to make multiple social media posts in one click!

It’s really that simple to write a blog post with Tailwind’s Ghostwriter AI labs! 

Here’s a video:

Blogging is still a very relevant and useful marketing strategy. But limited time, resources, and expertise in other areas can be real roadblocks for small businesses who want to maintain a regular blog presence. AI tools can be a solution. 

Tailwind’s Ghostwriter for blogging saves time, generates fresh ideas, and writes top-quality content in mere minutes. As the technology continues to evolve, the potential for AI to improve the blogging experience grows. Now is the time to harness the power of AI to take your blog posts to the next level. 

Let the creative revolution begin.

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