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Increasing Sales with Pinterest Product Pins OSP Episode 044

David Kutcher’s recent article, Capitalizing on Pinterest Rich Pins Price Notifications, on the ConfluentForms blog revealed some very “Pinterestsing” information.

I invited him on tot the podcast to discuss his article and his experience with Pinterest product pins.

Increasing Sales with Pinterest Product Pins

In this episode David reveals:

  • How to get product rich pins for different types of sites
  • How product rich pins can keep you in contact with qualified leads
  • How product rich pins have increased online sales for a small local business


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  1. Avatar

    Thanks Cynthia – very interesting podcast. Rich pins are a bit intimidating but obviously well worth the effort. Have a very happy Christmas – Ken

    • Avatar

      Thanks Ken! I think an easy way for your clients to get started with Pinterest rich pins is to create place pins. Now code needed at all, it’s all done on Pinterest. Let me know if you have any questions or if I can help.

      A very happy Christmas to you too!

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