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Instagram’s New Inclusive “Pronouns” Feature

Editing your Pronouns on Instagram profile over an orange background

Instagram recently joined the ranks of Facebook and LinkedIn by launching a new easy-to-use feature that allows users to show their preferred pronouns on their profile. This feature helps to normalize the use of nontraditional pronouns, and build broader inclusion and safety on its platform!

Psst in case you missed the latest safety updates, Instagram also rolled out an anti-bullying filter for DMs!

But, back to pronouns. In the past, users could only elect to share their pronouns in the 150 character profile description. But now there’s a section exclusively for gender pronouns! 

“For many, the addition won’t make any difference to the way they use the app, but for those to whom it is relevant, it’s a hugely important update and will help greatly in validating their identity and improving their interactions based on their Insta profile.”

Social Media Today

This inclusive feature is a step toward creating a safer and more normalized space for gender identity and expression. In this article, I’ll explain why this update benefits everyone, and how to add your pronouns!

Now. Not sure how this update can make an impact on your account? Well, sit down, my friends, and let’s dive into why everyone should be sharing their pronouns.

Why the New Pronouns Feature is for Everyone

Let’s begin. *adjusts glasses* 🤓

Gender expression doesn’t look the same for any two people. By sharing your pronouns, even if you do identify with the gender assigned to you at birth, you’re helping dispel the notion that gender expression and identity are the same.

Assuming a person’s gender identity can be really harmful. And as our good friend and long-deceased philosopher, Socrates once said, “ Be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle.” 

By sharing our pronouns, especially those who have the privilege of identifying with their birth gender, we’re normalizing that it’s okay for EVERYONE to do so.

No matter what your pronouns are, sharing them visibly gives support to a wider community and creates a supportive space for everyone to embrace who they are and how they want to be addressed. It’s a beautiful and inclusive action we can all start taking. Right, this very minute! 

It starts with adding your pronouns, and I’ll show you step-by-step how to do that later in this post. (And don’t worry, there will be screenshots!)

Ultimately, adding your pronouns can show that you’re a person who doesn’t assume gender identity, and the move can also emphasize that you are a safe person for those who don’t identify with traditional pronouns.

It can also attract like-minded individuals who share similar values of inclusion, broadcasting that your account is for everyone.

Now, Instagram can make changes and add features for inclusion, but it’s up to us to use them and make them more commonplace. Interested in what pronouns Instagram currently has available? Well, I’ve got that answer for you right down below!

Which Pronouns Are Currently Offered on Instagram?

Okay, you’re here for the facts. Let’s get to it! 😘

Here’s the current list of pronouns offered on Instagram:

  • co/cos
  • e/ey/em/eir
  • fae/faer
  • he/him/his
  • she/her/hers
  • they/them/theirs
  • ne/nee/nir/nirs/ner/ners
  • mer/mers
  • per/pers
  • thon/thons
  • ve/ver/vis/vi/vir
  • xe/xem/xyr
  • ze/zir/zie/hir

Each user can choose up to four pronouns, and if you identify with pronouns that aren’t already listed, you can fill out a form here to request your chosen pronouns—easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Instagram will also continually update the list to filter out user-added pronouns that could be considered harmful or abusive.

Now, the long-awaited and anticipated “how to.” Let’s break it down six-step style as I walk you through how to add your pronouns to your profile!

How to Add Gender Pronouns to Your Profile

Step 1: Go to your Instagram profile. 👌🏻

Step 2: Click Edit Profile.

Step 3: Press the space next to Pronouns.

Step 4: Type in your preferred pronouns.

Step 5: Hit Done.

Step 6: Then hit Done again. And BAM you have featured pronouns on your profile! 😁

As gender identity and expression are deeply personal and individual experiences, users can edit and update their pronouns at any time.

So if you ever find pronouns that feel even more aligned, just follow those handy six steps to change them. Or if the pronouns aren’t currently available, just request Instagram make them available.

There’s also an option to only display pronouns to your followers in a pre-emptive attempt to combat bullying and harassment.

And pronouns of users under the age of eighteen will automatically be hidden to non-followers!

This feature is meant to help normalize using different pronouns and alleviate harmful assumptions about gender identity. And in my opinion, any steps towards showing empathy, respect, validation, and kindness are worth taking.

Especially when they involve historically targeted minorities.

Because inclusion on Instagram is the right type of inclusion, especially in social media marketing.

Broader Inclusion on Instagram

If you want to build a brand or online presence that is above all else, kind and inclusive, using the tools available to display your values of inclusion and equality is important.

 “It’s a good addition for Instagram, which adds to its broader push to maximize inclusion, and ensure that all users are able to represent themselves as they choose on the platform.”

Social Media Today

By sharing our pronouns, we can help make Instagram a safer place for each individual to express themselves authentically and feel accepted, which is pretty incredible.

And, sharing your pronouns can show that you’re a person who values inclusion, anti-discrimination, and above all else, empathy. 

It’s a simple and easy way to begin to make a difference, one small step at a time. And the more people who add their pronouns, the more likely Instagram will continue implementing more changes for the betterment and safety of our communities.

Now, let’s all do our part and add our pronouns!  And, let’s chat again soon. ✨

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Instagram's new Pronouns feature helps make the app a safer and more inclusive space for all gender identities. Learn how to add your pronouns here!


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