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June Marketing Dates to Remember (+ Post Ideas!)

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June Calendar surrounded by a straw hat, sunglasses and sunscreen on an orange background

Could it be that Summer is right around the corner, bringing with it fun holidays like National Chocolate Ice Cream Day?! 

There are multiple reasons to celebrate this month. And not only because of the sunshine, return of water sports, and a vaccine that’s allowing us to actually hug again. (Right on time for the Hug Holiday on June 29th!)

If you’re out enjoying the warmer weather and face-to-face interaction with your loved ones and need some easy-to-use and meaningful content ideas for this month, then why don’t you scroll on down, friends. I got you covered. 😎

June is the Month of…

  • National Give a Bunch of Balloons Month
    • More specifically, this holiday encourages giving balloons and gifts to children battling serious illnesses in hopes of making them smile. Well, shucks. 
  • African-American Music Appreciation Month
    • This month is also dedicated to celebrating the musical contributions of African-Americans and how their creativity and culture has helped shape our culture!
  • LGBTQIA Pride Month
    • This is a time to remember the people who paved the way for LGBTQIA to receive equal rights and awareness. And to celebrate those who identify differently from the historical ‘norm,’ allowing them to feel accepted for who they authentically are. 
  • Men’s Health Month
    • June is also geared towards raising awareness for improving both men’s physical and mental health.
  • National Adopt a Cat Month
    • Shelters are overrun, and this month makes it more tempting than ever to give a furry friend a new home.
  • National Camping Month
    • Enjoy the great outdoors, especially this month, since most national parks have discounts to support and celebrate National Camping Month.
  • National Homeowners Month
    • This month highlights the American dream of homeownership and the organizations that help make it possible.
  • National PTSD Awareness Month
    • A month dedicated to raising awareness for PTSD to encourage those suffering to get help and make resources easily attainable.

June Monthly Post Ideas

Here are some creative ideas on how to incorporate some of these ideas into your account:

  1. Feature and share some of your favorite African-American artists using music in Instagram Stories!
  2. Attend a Pride Parade or event and use #PrideMonth to spread awareness and support.
  3. Reshare an article or post raising awareness of PTSD and include a list of local charities or organizations someone could reach out to for help.
  4. Document a camping trip, including s’mores, a fire pit, and stargazing. Potentially with a new kitty friend? 🐈 
  5. Volunteer at an animal shelter to raise awareness for National Adopt a Cat Month.

A post from the National Museum of African American Music about the history and accomplishments of Jackie Shane

Important Weeks in June

  • National Gardening Week June 6 – June 12
  • National Flag Week June 13 – June 19
  • Men’s Health Week June 14 – January 20
  • Animal Rights Awareness Week June 20 – June 26
  • National Play Catch Week June 20 – June 26
  • Universal Father’s Week June 20 – June 26

June Weekly Post Ideas

Some ideas for celebrating these weeks and incorporating them into your feed:

  • Post photos of your growing garden, or finally plant the garden you’ve been daydreaming about and secretly planning!
  • Share a post about the national flag and give a thank-you to service members both retired and currently serving. 
  • Book an annual medical exam, potentially open up about your mental health and the low statistics of men seeking professional help.
  • Reshare pictures of animals seeking adoption at your local animal shelter.

Important Days in June

June 4 – National Donut Day- Can you say ‘donut selfie’? We don’t need an excuse to bask in the glory of donuts, but just in case you’d like one, here you go! 

June 6 – National Cancer Survivors Day- A day to remember and honor Cancer survivors, those still fighting the disease, and especially those we’ve lost to it.

June 7 – National Chocolate Ice Cream Day – I don’t know who makes the holidays for June, but dang, they must love this month. Why not take another selfie, this time, with a pile of chocolate ice cream! 

June 8 – National Best Friends Day – Give your best friend a shout-out. They deserve it.

June 14, 2021 – World Blood Donor Day – If you’re able, donate some blood and help save a life! Especially if you have that unicorn, O- blood. 

June 14 – Flag Day 

June 18, 2021: Autistic Pride Day

June 19 – Juneteenth – This marks a bittersweet anniversary in American history. On June 19th, 1865, Major General Gordon Granger arrived in Texas to inform the slaves that slavery had been abolished. For nearly five months after they were freed, they were unknowingly still forced into slavery. This date marks the day all slaves were finally freed in the US for good.

June 20 – Father’s Day

June 21 – Summer Solstice – Enjoy the longest day of the year however you choose, whether at a BBQ with friends, or dancing in the forest under the moonlight 👀 . As one does…

June 22 – National Kissing Day – Don’t have to ask us twice to celebrate this one! 💋

June 24 – National Work From Home Day – Can’t imagine an easier holiday to celebrate these days.

June 27 – National PTSD Awareness Day

June 29 – Hug Holiday

June 30, 2021: Social Media Day

June Daily Post Ideas

  • For National Cancer Survivors Day, you can spread cancer awareness by sharing tips on how to exam yourself and the importance of annual check-ups. 
  • You could post a selfie with a donut or chocolate ice cream on National Donut Day or National Chocolate Ice Cream Day.
  • On World Blood Donor Day, you could share in your Stories or put together a Reel on how to donate blood while you discuss your experience and potentially some tips for making the experience a bit more enjoyable—like, bringing a granola bar; to eat after!
  • Juneteenth is a day America may not be proudest of, but it’s very important to remember and honor. You can do so by sharing your favorite books, podcasts, or accounts that teach about racial equality and spread awareness of the discrimination African-Americans still experience.
  • It’s never been easier to celebrate National Work From Home Day. You can finally have an excuse to show off your home office/corner (if you’re like me and live in a small apartment). 
  • Jump into a cuddle puddle on the Hug Holiday, and squeeze those loved ones extra tight. Life can be painfully short sometimes, so give those you love some extra love. 


While most account’s posts and content are geared towards their business and/or niche, celebrating and posting about holidays or significant dates helps to humanize an account and make it more relatable. It’s an opportunity to show your values, morals, and what your heart looks like by emphasizing what you care about.

Consistently posting and planning what to post on social media can be time-consuming, and it’s a full-time job. But choosing to mix it up can give you a needed break and bring some fun to your account!

Plus, you can make planning and posting your favorite June themes easy by creating unique designs for all your favorite platforms and scheduling them in just one click, thanks to Tailwind Create!

What are you most looking forward to this month? Drop it in the comments below, and have a spectacular June!

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Looking for social media post inspiration in the month of June? Here are all the daily, weekly and monthly celebrations to add to your marketing calendar!

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