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They say looking to the past can help guide our future. 2013 was a year of big changes for Pinterest including receiving millions in funding and big move towards providing services and features for businesses using Pinterest.

In this episode of the podcast I’m joined by fellow Pinterest pro Vincent Ng of MCNG marketing. We discuss what businesses can learn from what happened last year as they move forward with Pinterest as a part of their social media marketing in 2014.

Learning From 2013 What Businesses Can Do with Pinterest in 2014

Highlights From Pinterest in 2013

February 2013 Pinterest gets $200 Million in funding bringing its valuation to $2.5 billion.

May 2013 Pinterest co-founder Ben Silberman states in an interview at D11 that Pinterest is moving m0re towards search not social.

May 2013 Rich Pins are launched including product, recipie and movie pins.

June 2014  Pinterest’s search feature is enhanced. You can now search your pins.

September 2013 Article pins launched. Giving Pinners a bolded tile, an excerpt and branding when they pin their articles.

October 2013 Pinterest begins testing Promoted pins.

October 2013 Pinterest gets $225 million in funding bringing the valuation up to $3.8 billion.

November 2013 Pinterest opens its  API to select partners.

November 2013 Place pins are launched. (All businesses should take notice of these.)

December 2013 Retailers bring Pinterest out of the digital world and into the physical world. This holiday season Pinterest logos are seen next to products in retail locations such as Nordstrom and Target.

It’s exciting to see what they will come up with next. In 2014, I  bet promoted pins will become more prominent and location will play a bigger role on Pinterest. Maybe Pinterest will buy out and save Foursquare?

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Oh So Pinteresting News

I’m happy to announce that Vincent will be joining me in presenting the first session of the live, interactive Oh So Pinteresting Pinterest for Business Workshop Series. We kick things off January 29, 2014. The last session of the work shop sold out in just 3 days! Click here for more information.


Pinterest for Business Online training workshop


Have questions about Pinterest or a comment about the show? Give me a call on the Oh So Pinteresting voicemail line just like Steve Stewart from Money Plan SOS did and it could be played in an upcoming episode. 773-669-7461


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