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Manly Pinterest News OSP 085

Because of the abundance of nail tutorials and lacy wedding gowns on Pinterest it was often said “it’s just for women.”  While that was never true, in an effort to better serve their users, Pinterest has changed to better suit the interests of the user whether male or female. To help shake the girly perception of the platform Pinterest has even begun to present certain pins to users based on their gender and men are often featured in their videos.  (You can see a few of these videos at the end of this post.)

To bring a manly perspective to Oh So Pinteresting, I’ve invited the manliest pinner of all, Jeff Sieh to join me on this week’s edition of the podcast. Jeff is the host of the Manly Pinterest Tips show where he and his guests add a masculine twist to Pinterest and social media marketing.

Manly Pinterest News OSP 085

In this week’s episode

There have been a lot of changes to Pinterest over recent months. In our conversation Jeff and I discuss how these changes could impact Pinterest marketing and what they could mean for the future of Pinterest as a company.

Man up Pinterest.

We begin by taking a look at the push for Pinterest to attract more male users. Jeff has seen a significant change in his home feed. He is now seeing more pins about men’s clothing and man caves. While Jeff is interested in some of these things, there is a bit of concern that this could be taken too far. Jeff also has a passion for cooking and wonders if the types of recipes he’s seeing in his feed will be limited because of his gender.   Have you noticed a difference in the variety of pins in your feed?

Bye, bye Pinterest affiliate links.

No longer allowing affiliate links of any kind on Pinterest is a change that sent waves of anger across social media. Many influential Pinners with large followings had teamed up with agencies and brands were paid to pin though an affiliate program. For several pinners this was a significant source of income including previous Oh So Pinteresting podcast guest, Bridgette Salvon who was recently featured in the Boston Globe for her Pinterest success.   Jeff and I discuss what bloggers and others can do to continue to earn an affiliate commissions through Pinterest.  We also talk about the possible reason’s Pinterest made the changes. One possibility could be related to the  rumored Pinterest buy button. Could Pinterest be developing an affiliate program?

Hello Apple!

For iOS users, Pinterest added the ability to download apps directly from the App Store. This could be great news for app developers looking to tap into the Pinterest community. Jeff and I talk about what kinds of apps would be more likely to find success on Pinterest such as health related apps. We also talk about what this partnership could mean. Apple is not known for collaborating with outside companies. Could this be the beginning of a long relationship between the companies? Imagine what they could do together!

Coming soon

Jeff and I are working on a project together that’s going to be BIG! If you’re into Pinterest marketing you’re definitely going to want to stay tuned for more details….

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 Also in this episode

Keeping inline with the many theme of this episode I invited another manly man to the show, Shannon Hernandez to talk about an upcoming  joint webinar we will be hosting on March 6, 2015 at 3pm Eastern time.

Shannon is a radio personality in Arizona with over 15 years experience in broadcasting and has helped several new podcasters launch their show and many existing podcasters refine their show. Podcasting has had a huge impact on my business. I’m 100% certain that without my podcast, I wouldn’t have had several of the opportunities that I’ve had over the past couple years including speaking engagements and clients.

During the webinar Shannon will share steps to starting a podcast and more. To get all of the details and to register for the webinar click the button below!

Learn how to podcast webinar
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  1. Avatar

    Love the show Cynthia! In the UK more men than women use Pinterest so it has never really been that feminine here!
    I am going to Social Media Marketing world so might catch up with you there!

  2. Avatar

    Thank Jeff and Cynthia for sharing your insights on the recent updates to Pinterest. Looking forward to seeing what you’ve been up to. Can’t wait to see you both in San Diego at Social Media Marketing World!

  3. Avatar
    Tracy Davis

    Just noticed that there is no “via” button, i.e. where the pinner got the pin from. Is there a way to turn that back on? Reason I’m asking is that I used to use the via button to subscribe to new boards.

  4. Avatar

    I found just what I was needed, and it was entgitainrne!

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