Mitzi Dulan: Pinning for Weight Loss and Business Success OSP Episode 040

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America’s nutrition expert, registered dietician and author Mitzi Dulan has found many opportunities in Pinterest. She uses it to better serve her clients, market her business and as inspiration for a new book. Mitzi recently published “The Pinterest Diet: How to Pin Your Way Thin” where she guides readers on ways to use Pinterest to help them through their weight loss journey.

Mitzi Dulan: Pinning for Weight Loss and Business Success

In her career, Mizi has been the dietician to professional sports teams such as the Kansas City Royals and the Kansas City Chiefs. Both during the season and off season she helped pro athletes stay in top physical shape. She found that Pinterest could be a helpful tool for them and their family to make healthier food choices.

With the Pinterest mobile app, her clients and their spouses had an easy way to access Mitzi’s healthy recipes and food recommendations in the grocery store as they shopped. Talk about service!

In this episode:

  • Mitzi’s journey into Pinterest to help her clients
  • How Mitzi shares her expertise with her pins
  • Mitzi’s approach to Pinterest that has helped her account to grow to over 3 million followers
  • How Mitzi times her pins
  • Using your own photos
  • How Mitzi incorporates a personal touch to her business account
  • How Mitzi manages family, business and Pinterest


Connect with Mitzi Dulan:

Mitzi’s website

On Pinterest

On Twitter @NutritionExpert


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