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A New Look at Your Pinterest Account OSP 080

Are you using Pinterest a marketing tool for your business? Taking a moment to take a look at your Pinterest account can reveal some mistakes or some missed opportunities.

A New Look at Your Pinterest Account OSP 080

Listen to this podcast episode to hear how a few quick changes can help attract new followers and new customers. You’ll also get this week’s Pinterest Tip of the Week.

In this episode

As business owners we’re always looking for ways to improve. We’re constantly tweaking and adjusting things to improve our products and services to better serve our customers and increase sales. If you’re using Pinterest as a part of your marketing tool kit, your account should be reviewed from time to time. Does your account reflect how your business has changed and improved over time?

Pinterest has also made changes. There has been significant changes in their algorithm and in accounts profiles over the past year. I often come across many account’s that could be seeing better results if they made a few simple adjustments their accounts to keep up with the changes.

In this week’s podcast episode I cover a few key areas of your account that you should take a look at including:

•How to optimize your Pinterest account’s profile image

•What should be in your account’s about statement

•How to optimize your Pinterest boards

For many businesses, Pinterest is one one of the top referrers of website traffic but other’s are missing out because they don’t keep up with the changes.  When’s the last time you looked at your account for ways to improve it?

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Pinterest for Business Profile Tips

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  1. Avatar

    Hi Cynthia – found you through Fizzle and have been listening to a few of your podcasts as I sew. You’ll be happy to know that I was compelled to leave the machine and fix up some things on my account right there and then – thanks for pointing out really practical ways to improve how I pin/organise my boards. I added boards, changed all my cover pics, repinned a bunch of stuff from my blog; can’t wait to see how it goes. Pinterest is such a huge help to me – the no. 1 referrer to my blog – so I love hearing what I can do to improve things. I’m not terribly tech savvy (I’m not too bad, but some things I just think ‘yeaaaah, I’m not going to even try and do that’) so thanks for giving such good instructions that I can follow.
    P.S. Is the intro guy from your podcast Australian? If so, great choice 😉

    • Avatar

      Hi Kirsty, I love the guys at Fizzle! It’s so great that Pinterest is bringing you so much traffic. Thanks a bunch for stopping by 🙂

      I used for my podcast intro. The voice you hear is Mike Russell the owner of Music Radio Creative.

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