Pinterest Audience Insights – What Are They and How Can I Use Them?

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This is a guest post from Nicole Saunders of Saunders Says.

Would you like to understand who is seeing or engaging with your Pins across Pinterest? Yes? I thought so! Welcome to the new Pinterest Audience Insights.

Today, I’m going to share what I’ve learned about this new analytics feature from Pinterest and how I use this information as a Pinterest Marketing Strategist. Audience Insights allows you to understand what your audience is into based on their search and saving behavior – and that’s a powerful tool for growth.

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Pinterest Audience Insights – Understand Your Audience For Smarter Marketing

Audience Insights are now available on Pinterest for Business accounts in English-speaking countries. Combining this information from Pinterest with Tailwind analytics, you now have a powerhouse of information at your fingertips for creating future content, recycling content, and more!

How to Find Your Audience Insights

To access your Audience Insights, click the analytics drop down tab. At the bottom of the drop down menu, you will see the Audience Insights button. Click that button and prepare to be amazed!

Pinterest automatically loads your account’s Audience Insights, but there is also a tab to view the insights for ALL Pinterest users. This information is populated over the last 30 days, so I recommend checking it regularly to stay up-to-date.

The thing I really like about your total audience is that it combines the Pins saved by you in addition to the Pins other Pinterest users have saved from your claimed website. If you have not yet claimed your website, make sure you do that to get the best information to guide your content based on numbers.

Pinterest’s Categories and Interests of Your Audience

Audience Insights covers the categories and interests of your audience. Each category is broken down by interests. For example, under the finance category, you’ll see a sublist of interests including financial planning, savings, retirement planning, small business, etc.

Interest Strength – Audience Affinity

Pinterest automatically sorts categories by affinity. Affinity just means the strength of interest in the topic amongst your audience compared to the average Pinterest user.

This information is helpful to have, especially when running a Promoted Pin campaign. You may choose to create content and run a Promoted Pin campaign specifically targeting users with a high affinity. When you create content directly related to the affinity of your audience, your marketing is in alignment.

My audience has a high affinity for the finance category; they are almost 3 times more likely to be interested in finance than the average Pinner. Which means the next time I run a Promoted Pin campaign, my copy and Pin image will be catered to that affinity group. I may talk about using Pinterest as a small business and feature an image of a business owner using the platform. Even if you do not plan to run a Promoted Pin campaign, you can still use this information to do the same thing without promoting it.

Percentage of Audience Interested

Under categories, you can also sort by percent of audience. This shows the percentage of your audience interested in a particular category and again breaks it down into specific interests.

Personally, I like to sort my Audience Insights this way because it makes more sense to me as I can see the percentage of my audience interested in those categories from high to low. I use this information in addition to Tailwind’s analytics to suggest content ideas to my Pinterest account management clients.

Within my Audience Insights, I can see that over 80% of my audience is interested in the home and garden category. Even deeper into that category, they are specifically interested in home decor and lawn and garden. Currently, Summer is coming to an end, so it makes sense for my audience to be interested in lawn and garden. Following Tailwind’s Ultimate Pinterest Planner, my Pins and content is seasonally appropriate.

Using Audience Insights For Content Creation

Knowing that my audience is interested in home decor, I may create content related to using Pinterest to plan for seasonal decor, such as Halloween or Christmas. Since I help others grow their Pinterest presence, I will create content for other content creators to share on Pinterest. For example, I have a blog post and YouTube video all about Halloween on Pinterest with tips and ideas for business owners various niches who are using Pinterest to market their products and services.

More  Actionable Data Within Pinterest Audience Insights

The categories and interests section provides a wealth of information. Below that section, Pinterest also provides a breakdown of age, gender, location, and device type. However, it is important to note that age and gender is only available from users who have chosen to share it with Pinterest.

While it provides a good picture overall, it might not be completely accurate. I suggest using this information in conjunction with Google analytics and Tailwind analytics to make sure you have the best picture of your audience.

Using the location and device information, you can plan to create content that resonates with your audience. I’m from North Carolina, so the word “y’all” is highly used in my vocabulary. I realize this might not attract potential clients from the New England or the West Coast. Which means I just need to edit my content to target my audience in LA or New York. You can do the same within your niche.

Pinterest Promoted Pin Campaigns Using Audience Insights

Pinterest recently released the max-width video feature for Promoted Pins for all businesses. Using the device information from your Audience Insights, you can plan your promoted videos at max width specifically for those devices. How does your video look on each device-or at least on the most-used devices from your audience?

Pinterest Audience Insights – Now What?

As you plan your content calendar, it is important to review these Audience Insights. This information can help guide your content creation, ad spend, and marketing plans. Remembering that Pinterest is a visual search engine, Audience Insights provides vital data to create content for your audience. In addition to driving content creation, using Audience Insights can lead to being found by new customers! That’s pretty fabulous!

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