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Pinterest Content Discovery

We all know Pinterest is about the pins. The pins you’re pinning, the pins you’re repinning, the pins you’re creating – Pinterest revolves around pins! That’s why it’s important to pin relevant, high quality content, but that’s not always the easiest task. To help your content discovery process, we’ve outlined a few of the ways you can easily find the perfect content for your audience. Pinterest Content Discovery

Repins from your Feed

First and foremost, you must pin content from those you follow. Not only does this help bolster relations between you and your audience, if you’re following the right users it will be great content as well. A good place to start finding great users to follow is to find out if your favorite blogs have a Pinterest account. It’s also useful to look to those users who are following you. While their entire profile might not be relevant to your brand, because they are following you there’s a good chance they’ll have a board that fits your content needs.

Google alerts related to your brand

As you might already know, Google alerts are a great way to have content related to your brand delivered directly to your inbox. Once you have a list of topics you would like to follow, getting set up is easy. Simply go to, fill in your options, and watch the great content start to roll in.

Search on Pinterest

As we’ve mentioned in the past, Pinterest is pushing themselves forward as a search engine rather than a traditional social media platform. So why not take advantage of their aspirations and search for some content to pin? Not only is it a great way to find content to pin, you can also find great pinners to follow.

Curate Content

Curating your own content allows you to share your personal insights and helps drive traffic back to your site. However, before you start creating content to pin to Pinterest it’s important to understand what content is performing on Pinterest. So how do you do that? Just check out what content is performing on Pinterest with help from analytics. Once you have a strong understanding just make sure not to pin your stuff too much.

How do you find content? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. Avatar
    Reecea Henderson

    For content, I like to use a variety of sources. First and foremost, I look at content from those I’m following. Secondly, I check my notifications. Who is repinning my content? Do I have new followers? I love to repin content from those who repin me, and it is great fun to pin content from new followers. Third, I check my email for sites I follow. Fourth, I do a Pinterest search for content. I tend to shy away from the top pins shown in the search. They have enough repinners already. I like to scroll down to find content from pinners that has fewer repins. Finally, I use search engines to find good content. I set a search term, and then I search images only to narrow down my options. The best pins have excellent imagery.

    • Avatar
      Melissa Megginson

      Shying away from the top pins in search results is a really interesting tactic, Rebecca! Have you noticed that the pins you find further down the list receive more repins that way?

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