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In 2013 Pinterest’s influence on the web became very apparent. Other online platforms followed Pinterest’s lead and began to place more importance on visuals, especially Google+.

Pinterest, Google+ and the Visual Web

Prior to May 2013, Google+ had a single column feed similar to Facebook and Twitter. Now, Google+ has more of a Pinterest like multi column feed with an emphasis placed on images.

In this week’s episode of the podcast I chat with Google+ pro Shannon Hernandez about the evolution of the visual web and ways to incorporate Pinterest into Google+ posts.

Google+ is a platform that is ignored by many. What shouldn’t be ignored is the fact that Google+ posts are indexed by Google. Just as it is possible for people to learn about your business or blog through  your Pinterest account appearing in in a Google search they can also find you through your Google+ post.

Google+ Pro-Tips from Shannon Hernandez

“The first line of your Google+ post should be about 70 characters as it will show up in a search result as the Title tag of your post.

Below the title of your Google+ post will come a description of your post. When you author your Google+ post, utilize/optimize the first 140 characters of this second paragraph as it will be part of the Meta Description search result that shows up in a search query.

The more written content that is valuable, the easier it is for Google to crawl your posts when someone searches out a keyword or term.

Here’s an example of a Google+ post follow by the search result indexed inside of

(Click on the blue read more link to see the entire Google+ post)

Google+ post indexed in Google

Include links to your Pinterest pins in Google+ posts

Step 1: Upload, optimize and post your image to your designated Pinterest board. Do not close this browser tab.

Step 2: Create a Public post inside of Google+ and use the first line as the Title of your post. Bold your first line so that it stands out after it is posted.

Step 3: Create a healthy summary for your image. Reopen the tab where you just posted your pin.  Copy the page link from your previously created Pin and place it below your summary.

Once a Google+ post has been shared publicly, it is instantly indexed inside of a search result. The core concept behind this idea is to create A.) Traffic to your post so that it indexes organically on and B.) An entry point from your Google+ post to your Pins.

The higher the rank of your Google+ post inside of, the higher probability your Google+ post is getting clicked and funneling customers to your pins.

Here are two examples of a Google+ posts that append the Pin link:


Hopefully you have optimized your pins and Pinterest profile to lead directly back to your website where you can collect an email address.

Remember, try to be at every turn so your potential customers can find you.”


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