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Since you’ve been using your Pinterest account for a while, you probably have a few boards that are gathering digital cobwebs. Maybe it’s your “Halloween 2013” board or that regrettable “I <3 the Jersey Shore” board – those boards that just aren’t getting the same love they used to. Well, now is the time to dust off and make sure your account is optimized for growth with our optimization checklist.

Pinterest Growth Checklist

Account Fundamentals
❑ Check that your bio is current and uses relevant keywords for your niche.
❑ Confirm that your website verifies your account (Click the gear icon on your profile, “Edit Settings”)
❑ Update your account photo to stay on brand
❑ Link your account to your other social media accounts (Click the gear icon on your profile, “Edit Settings”)
❑ Make sure boards you have in the top two rows of your profile are in line with your brand and niche

Growth Prep (Repeat for Each Board)
Click edit on each board and:
❑ Improve the board name if you can. Skip a clever name and be descriptive, use keywords instead. Make sure the name explains what the board contains to increase its likelihood of appearing in search and in front of the right audience.
❑ Improve the board description if you can. Use as much descriptive, keyword rich text as possible.
❑ Make sure the board has been assigned a category
❑ Change up the cover image so your profile stays looking fresh!

Account Health Check
❑ Which three boards have the fewest pins? Remove any that are off brand, outdated or stale – or make a note to give them some more love!
❑ Which boards have the most pins? Consider splitting them into multiple boards. For example, a recipe board could become three different boards: Appetizer Recipes, Work Week Recipes, and Desert Recipes.
❑ Are you on any shared boards? Search out shared boards in your niche, or start your own by inviting influencers in your niche to pin with you. (Remember, you should know someone before you invite them. Don’t cold call on Pinterest!)
❑ Re-arrange your boards overall position to keep your most important boards close to the top of your profile and to keep your account looking fresh.
❑ Install the Tailwind Publisher browser extension for Chrome or the official Pinterest bookmarklet, so you’re ready to pin when you’re out in the wild.

And just like that, your account is primed to attract a whole new set of fans. What are you waiting for? Get pinning!

Want more tips? Click here to download our Pinterest Growth Checklist to make sure your pinning perfect!


Kyla Roma is a business coach and former web designer who teaches gutsy small business owners, bloggers and creative entrepreneurs how to shake off uncertainty and make strategic decisions that transform their online worlds into thriving businesses.

In her down time you can find her pinning quotes, updating her to do lists while watching early 90’s Law & Order, and spending time with her husband, bad little dogs and pet hedgehog. Read more at

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