Pinterest-ing Q and A for Online Marketing OSP Episode 037

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Are you unsure if there’s a place for your business on Pinterest? Not sure how to get Pinterest followers or get traffic to your blog from Pinterest?

Pinterest-ing Q and A for Online Marketing

I was recently asked these questions and more at FinCon 13, a financial bloggers conference, held in St. Louis Missouri. I was invited to participate in a session called “Ask Me Anything About Pinterest.” This was a live Q&A session where audience members could ask me anything they wanted to know about Pinterest. During the session, I received questions from bloggers, small business owners and representatives from large businesses such a as Ally Bank.

In this week’s episode of the podcast, I make my first attempt at mobile podcasting and bring you questions from the conference floor.

Special thanks to those who attended and met with me after the session to record their most Pinteresting questions for the podcast including:

Brandy Butler from Lovemade Lifestyle

Alok Deshpande from Umenta

Antoinette Peterson from Sister Save-A-Lot

Tracie Fobes from Penny Pinchin’ Mom


Other links mentioned

Social Media Success Summit

Social Mobile Analytics & Content Summit


PicMonkey (Affiliate link)


The Oh So Pinteresting Workshop Series (The first session sold out in 72 hours. Click on the link to sign up to be notified when registration for the next session opens)


Have a Pinterest question?

Have a question you’d like answered about Pinterest? Leave me a message on the Oh So Pinteresting voicemail line and it could be used in an upcoming podcast episode.

Oh-So-Pinteresting Voicemail line ask your Pinterest questions









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