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Pinterest News and Tips OSP Episode: 051

Pinterest is continually evolving and changing and to get the best results from Pinterest in your social media marketing it’s important to keep up.  This week on the Oh So Pinteresting podcast, I’m joined by Vincent Ng to talk about some of the latest Pinterest news and changes.

Pinterest News and Tips

This isn’t a one time thing, the first Wednesday of each month Vincent and I will bring you the latest Pinterest news and trends. We will also be sharing some tips and tactics that you can incorporate into your Pinterest strategy right away.

In this episode

•Pinterest’s short lived visual categories

•Pinterest’s new “Explore Interests” feature

•GIFs come to Pinterest

•The change to videos on Pinterest and tips for making a great thumbnail

•A commonly missed source of valuable Pinterest information available to everyone

•How to keep your personal web use from influencing your Pinterest business account

•Celebrities jumping on the Pinterest bandwagon

•Pinterest referral traffic on the rise and new data about Pinterest users

•Pinterest Tip of The Week  inspired by Dawn Ginese from The Singing Nurse

Links mentioned

Diane Keaton on Pinterest

Courtney Love on Pinterest

Katie Perry on Pinterest

From SEJ: Study Reports 20% of Overall Traffic Comes From Facebook and Pinterest

From Mashable: 1/3 of Women in U.S. use Pinterest

Special thanks to

Angie’s Origionals

Lucrecer Braxton

Rob on Twitter @RobSanchez


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    Enjoyed your podcast as usual, Cynthia. And, wow, I was so surprised to hear my voicemail! Thanks so much for the Shout-out!!

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      Thank you for all of your support and for taking time to send me that voicemail 🙂

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