Pinterest Profile Picture: How to Choose the Best Image, Size and Style

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Your pinterest profile picture is one of the first things that users see when they land on your page. They also see it in Search and all around the Pinterest platform.

While it may not seem to, a good and “catchy” profile picture may add a bit to your profile CTR, which can nicely translate into more subscribers in the long run.

With that being said, there are so many things to do that it would be counter-productive to spend too much time on your profile picture alone. The good news it that after this guide you will know everything you need to get it right on your first go!

Importance of Your Pinterest Profile Picture

Your Pinterest profile picture serves as a centerpiece for your visual identity on the platform.

This image is the first detail other users notice, forming their initial impression of you or your brand.

It’s crucial in telling your story and can significantly influence how users perceive your personal branding or business identity.

  • First Impressions: It captures attention and conveys personality. A well-chosen image can reflect creativity, professionalism, or any other desired trait.
  • Brand Recognition: For business accounts, your logo or a representative image enhances brand presence, inviting recognition at a glance.

Consistency across social media platforms fortifies your online presence, and maintaining a coherent image on Pinterest aligns with this strategy.

Users are more likely to engage with content from a profile that mirrors the professionalism or the unique flair they’ve encountered elsewhere.

The profile picture you select should be clear and high-resolution, making sure it’s visually appealing even when viewed as a thumbnail. Remember, the platform is highly visual:

  • Clear Imagery: Increases memorability and engagement
  • Relevant to Branding: Strengthens brand identity
  • Updated Regularly: Keeps your image current and dynamic

By intentional selection and regular updates, your profile picture can not only boost recognition and allegiance but also engage followers effectively, motivating them to explore your pins and boards.

Give thoughtful consideration to this aspect of your profile; it’s a small yet potent element that can significantly enhance your Pinterest presence.

Optimizing Profile Pictures

Here’s how to enhance your profile image for maximum impact.

Picture Selection Tips

When choosing your profile photo, aim for a clear, identifiable image that aligns with your brand or personal style. Your face or logo should be the focal point, ideally centered and well-lit.

  • Resolution: High-quality and clear.
  • Subject: Centered subject with minimal background distractions.
  • Branding: Consistent with your brand colors and themes.
  • Expression: Friendly and approachable if using a personal photo.

Uploading a Profile Picture

To upload a profile picture on Pinterest you need to follow these steps depending on your device:

  • On Desktop:
    1. Click your profile button in the top right corner.
    2. Select ‘Settings’ and then ‘Change your profile photo’.
    3. Choose ‘Upload a photo’, then select an image from your computer.
  • On Mobile:
    1. Tap your profile icon at the bottom of the app.
    2. Press the pencil icon on your profile.
    3. Tap ‘Change your profile photo’ and select an image from your camera roll.

After selecting your photo, Pinterest will allow you to adjust the cropping before you save your changes.

Image Specifications

For the best results on both mobile and desktop platforms, your profile photo should meet the following specifications:

SizeAt least 165 x 165 pixels
Format.PNG or .JPG
OrientationHorizontal images should be cropped to fit a square frame

Remember, a well-chosen profile picture ensures a consistent and recognizable visual identity across Pinterest.

Tips for an Eye-Catching Pinterest Profile Picture

Screenshot of Tailwind's pinterest page

When selecting your Pinterest profile picture, choose an image that encapsulates your personal or brand identity. Clear, high-resolution photos make a strong visual statement. If using a logo, ensure it is centered and distinctly visible against a contrasting background.

  • Image Quality is paramount:
    • Use high-resolution images.
    • Avoid blurry or pixelated photos.

For individual users:

  • Pick a headshot that’s approachable and friendly.
  • A close-up of your face allows for easy recognition.

For brands:

  • Use your logo with ample white space around it.
  • Opt for simplicity and clarity over complexity.

Colors and Contrast also play a significant role:

  • Bright and contrasting colors can make your image stand out.
  • But avoid colors that clash or are too jarring.
  • Consistency Across Platforms:
    • Align your image with those on other social media platforms for brand continuity.

Styling your Photo or Logo:

  • Use filters judiciously to enhance, not overpower.
  • Ensure any text included is legible.

Create a border:

  • A subtle border can help your picture pop against Pinterest’s white background.

Remember, your profile picture is often your first impression, so make it count. Choose an image that conveys who you are or what your brand stands for, and make sure it’s framed in a way that captures attention while fitting within the circular Pinterest profile picture space.

Utilizing Pinterest for Business

When you create a Pinterest business account, you unlock a visual platform that can amplify your brand’s visibility.

Start by optimizing your profile picture as it represents your business identity on Pinterest. Use a clear, high-quality logo that resonates with your brand to make a solid first impression.

Engagement is crucial on Pinterest. You can increase engagement by:

  • Pinning content regularly to keep your boards fresh.
  • Responding promptly to comments on your pins.
  • Creating pins that encourage repinning and sharing.

Focus on keywords in your pin descriptions and board titles. This will help your content surface when users search for topics related to your business. Use relevant and specific keywords to improve your content’s searchability.

Infographics are highly shareable on Pinterest and can drive engagement. They should be:

  • Visually appealing with a clear message.
  • Branded with your logo.
  • Linked back to your website.

Make sure your website is linked to your Pinterest account to drive traffic back to your site. Include a Pinterest “Save” button on your website content to allow users to easily pin your content. This not only increases traffic but also expands your content’s reach beyond your current followers.


Harness the power of Pinterest for your business by crafting a compelling profile picture, engaging with your audience, optimizing for search with keywords, sharing infographics, and linking back to your website for increased traffic and visibility.

Picture of hands holding a smartphone showing pinterest's homepage on a purple and orange background with the title of the blog post and Tailwind in white font.

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