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Well, we certainly are living in interesting times, aren’t we? We could almost say they’re “Pinteresting” times, as Pinterest recently reported a weekend of the highest number of searches (up 60% year over year!), saves, and link clicks EVER. Certain topics are experiencing a meteoric rise in engagement. Let’s look at some of those trends and how you might use them.

At a time when tensions are high, the economy is shaky, and people are stuck at home, you might be wondering:

  • What should I Pin on Pinterest right now?
  • How can I adapt my content to make the most of this spring’s unprecedented Pinterest engagement and strong search trends to provide what people want and need right now?
  • Is there anything I should AVOID sharing on Pinterest right now?

Jeff Sieh and I talked about this live on Facebook:

What’s Trending on Pinterest this Spring?

Much as you would expect – the search trends on Pinterest reflect our current situation. Many of us are stuck at home, maybe (hopefully) also working from home, trying to keep the kids occupied, and feeding the family with what’s already in the pantry. However, people are also embracing their creativity and want to try new things to pass the time.

Pinterest Trends in Health, Wellness, and Self Care Searches

Staying at home doesn’t have to mean staying on the couch – unless you want it to! Physical fitness and mental well-being are hot topics right now, with people looking for workouts they can do on their own, as well as ways to support mental health in a challenging time.

Searches for Are up*
Stress relief 3x
Stress quotes 3x
Self care at home 4.3x
Home bodyweight exercises 3x
Exercise routine at home 2.9x

Pinterest Trends in Parenting & Home Schooling Searches

With all the kids at home, many parents are trying to teach and entertain their kids while also working from home themselves! They’re looking for ways to create routines, stave off boredom, and educate, but also to enjoy some extra time together. 

Searches for Are up*
Work from home with kids 17.5x
Home games for kids 4.3x
Easy lunch ideas for kids 128x
Science experiments with kids 4x
Indoor activities with kids 14x

Pinterest Trends in Food Searches

Always a popular topic on Pinterest, searches for recipes have increased tremendously. More beginners are looking to try their hand at cooking the basics which are hard to come by in local stores. Easy recipes with flexible ingredients that utilize what’s already on hand are in high demand.

Searches for Are up*
Yeastless bread recipes 45x
Bread in crockpot 42x
Freezer meals 2.5x
Sweet amish bread 15x
How to make tortillas 4x

Pinterest Trends in Beauty & Personal Care Searches

Just because we’re not going out, that doesn’t mean we don’t want to look good! More time at home might mean more time to try fun makeup looks or try a DIY nail style that seemed too time consuming before.

Searches for Are up*
Home hair cuts 5x
Spa day at home 2x
Homemade eyebrow wax recipes 4.2x
Fun makeup looks 2x
DIY manicure at home 1.5x

Pinterest Trends in Entertainment Searches

Searches for staying social and being entertained while remaining at home are UP! Date night ideas, fun for the kids, and much-needed happy hour inspiration are all trending. Can you provide a list of great ideas for your audience? 

Searches for Are up*
Indoor date ideas 7x
Family movies 125x
White claw cocktails 2.3x
Family activities at home 10x
Drinking board games 2x

Pinterest Trends in Hobbies & Home Searches

More time at home means more time to start a new hobby! Try catering to beginners, and provide ideas for those who do and DON’T have outdoor space to enjoy right now.

Searches for Are up*
How to start a garden for beginners 2.5x
Embroidery for beginners 2.6x
Canvas painting ideas for beginners step by step 3x
Best books to read in 2020 2.4x
Victory gardens 10x

Pinterest Trends in Holidays & Events Searches

People are looking for new ways to celebrate their loved ones –  but the celebrations will look a bit different this year. Support people’s desire to reach out even as they stay apart. Provide creative ideas to help them show they care.

Searches for Are up#
Mother’s Day at home 30x
Virtual graduation parties 20x
Gift baskets 1.3x

What NOT to Pin on Pinterest Right Now

Pinterest is working hard to make sure people find accurate information on their site. To that end, if you search for anything related to COVID-19, you’re going to be redirected here:

So, leave off anything related to the virus or pandemics. Not only will you not get any reach, you’re likely to be reported for spam and risk losing your account for falling afoul of Pinterest community guidelines

Pinterest Search Trends Looking Ahead

While the struggles due to “social distancing” are likely to persist for a while and many of the trending searches will continue to bring in engagement and traffic, it’s likely that we’ll see a bit of a shift to more longer-term concerns. Just as sales of home office furniture spiked and have receded, we may find searches for home haircuts and bread recipes replaced by those for:

  • Budgeting
  • Cutting costs
  • Taxes (US filing deadline extended)
  • Affordable (everything)
  • Starting a business

So, think ahead in your content creation. What are people likely to need from you in a month, two months, six? 

Using Pinterest’s Trends Tool

Find the sweet spot for your business with Pinterest’s Trends tool. Get ideas from the home page (refresh for more hot topics) or search your keywords. Even hard-hit industries such as travel can find opportunities right now.

How to Use Pinterest Search Trends in Your Marketing

Use the terms you find that are trending now to create new Pin images for older relevant content – just lean in to what people are looking for now by reframing the text on your image, the Pin title, and description and being sure to save to a relevant Board and make sure to update the copy on your website, too. Most importantly, use these terms to create content today – you can start getting that traffic sooner than you think.

The opportunity has never been greater, and we have never had more information about what people are searching for on Pinterest. 

What trend will you lean into first?

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*First two weeks of March compared to last two weeks of February

# Last half of March compared to first half of March, 2020


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  • Great article. Thank you for always providing such insightful resources and tips! I love reading what is trending and incorporating it into how I can better serve my audience. Thank you!
    - Lora Devries

  • I'm so grateful for all the info you guys are sharing with us. Since I started to use Tailwind my blog traffic has gove up up and now I follow all the strategies I receive in my mailbox. Regarding Pinterest trends, I have made an article and pins that show tips to boost the immune system naturally and is performing incredible well.

  • Awesome read! Love seeing what is trending and appreciated your attention to what is not :-) It's definitely been Pinteresting this year!

    • Haha, isn't that the truth!!?! Great time to be on Pinterest. Thanks so much, Suzi.

Published by
Alisa Meredith

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