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Pinterest SEO Quick Tip – How to Write Pin Titles

While Pinterest success can sometimes feel elusive and Pinterest SEO might feel like a mystery, any time Pinterest tells us what we can do to improve our results, it’s worth doing, and doing well. And that’s certainly the case with Pin titles. 

In fact, Pinterest feels that Pin titles are so important, that they are required on every image you save to Pinterest. Let’s look at what they are, how to add them, and how to leverage Pinterest SEO to make them work for you.

Want to make this process even easier? Get a head start on Pin Titles by signing up for a . Hint: You don't even have to write them yourself 😉

What is a Pin Title?

The Pin Title is a short (up to 100 characters) bit of prominent, bold text that provides more context to your Pin in the feed and on a Pin closeup. 

When someone sees your Pin in their feed or in a search result, the first 30 characters or so of the title will likely (not always) appear under your image. And they’ll see it when they click on the Pin for more details:

Left: Pin titles in the feed. Right: Pin titles on closeup.

Why Pin Titles Are Key to Pinterest SEO

A Pin title gives added context to your image. It’s used by Pinterest in determining when to display your Pin in search and related images, and it’s used by Pinners looking for a bit more information before they click through to your site.

Previously, when you didn’t enter a title manually on Pinterest, they would pull your title from Rich Pin data if you had it, or it would pull the first part of your description to form a Pin title. Now, all Pins must have a specific title.

If this sounds like more work, don’t worry, we’ve got you.


How to Write a Pin Title for Pinterest SEO and More Clicks

You have up to 100 characters for your Pin title, but it’s usually the first 30 or so which will appear in feeds – so choose wisely!

Remember, the purpose of your Pin title is to give context to your image. Don’t repeat what’s in your Pin description or exactly what’s on the text on your image. Use it to ADD information that might encourage people to click. 

As always, use the keywords you’d expect people to use when they might be looking for a Pin like yours. Learn (lots) more about Pinterest SEO here.  

Rather than keyword stuffing, use natural language, never over promising or employing “click bait” tactics (in fact, don’t use the word, “click” at all). Pinterest can detect this and it will hurt the reach of your Pins. Be honest and thorough (as thorough as you can be in 100 characters!) in explaining what this Pin has to offer.

Let’s look at an example. 

A search for “mid length updo” turned up a promising Pin. The Pin title and the beginning of the Pin description are “Fashionable Mid-Length Hairstyles for Fall – Medium Hair Ideas.“

How could this content creator keep things consistent enough for effective SEO and content distribution, but make use of the additional field for context without repeating the description?

Pinterest Pin with redundant Pin title

How about, “Stylish, Easy Mid-length Updos” or “Medium-Length Fall Hairstyles”?

Pinterest image with a good Pin title.
Here’s a Pin that makes good use of both title AND description.

You may want to use title case rather than sentence case in your Pin titles. It looks more official (and more like a headline), and has been shown to result in higher click-through rates when used in ads. Not sure how to use title case? This handy converter will do it for you – but it doesn’t have to be perfect!

How to Choose Keywords for Pin Titles

Start with the keywords in your linked content. Pinterest wants to see consistency from Pin to page. From there, branch out to other keywords which might be more likely to be searched in Pinterest. 

Pinterest will tell you what people are searching! Just start typing the keyword you used on your website and you’ll get several related options: 

Hit “enter” and you’ll get even more:

For the best distribution of your Pin, use these Pinterest-recommended keywords in your Pin titles, descriptions, in the text on the image, in the Board title and description where you’ll save this Pin, and in the page you link to (title, description, and main text). Naturally, you may not be able to put them in every one of those places, but do the best you can while resisting the urge to keyword stuff.

How to Add a Pin Title on Pinterest

You’ll see Pin titles when you create a Pin right on Pinterest. In fact, it’s the most prominent field:

How to Add a Pin Title When Scheduling with Tailwind

You’ll see it when you schedule a Pin on Tailwind (whether with the extension, upload, to Tailwind Communities, or in SmartLoop):

Just click into the title field and edit your title! Or, if you like the one that’s there, schedule away!

Tailwind will save you some time on this step!! We’ll automatically pull in any title information we can detect on the URL you’re using. Of course, you are free to use what we find or customize the description as you like!

Want to make this process even easier? Get a head start on Pin Titles by signing up for a . Hint: You don't even have to write them yourself 😉

Do I Have to Go Back and Add Pin Titles to Old Pins? 

What if you’ve been saving your content to Pinterest – without titles – for years? Does this mean you need to edit all of them – or save everything to Pinterest again, this time adding the Pin title?

Nope! As with most changes on Pinterest, you’ll want to focus on today and tomorrow – going back to adjust your older Pins is not necessary – PHEW! 

What About Pins I’ve Scheduled to Pinterest Via Tailwind?

Never fear! We know many of you like to plan ahead and did not want you to have to edit all of your drafts, scheduled Pins, Tailwind Communities submissions, and SmartLoop Pins. So, we’re pulling in as many titles as we can from your Rich Pin and other website data.You might want to scan your scheduled Pins dashboard to make sure everything looks OK as it’s been pulled from your site.

If you have Rich Pins enabled, we’ll look for that first to auto populate your Pin titles. Otherwise, we’ll look at meta data and other signals to try to formulate a title. Such a time saver! 

Pinterest Pin Titles in a Nutshell

For one little part of your Pin, titles sure can make an impact! Now that they’re required on all Pins, make sure to keep SEO and keywords in mind so your titles are doing all they can to help Pinterest distribute your Pin and encourage Pinners to click and visit your site!


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  1. Avatar

    Thank you for this article. I watched most of your FB live the other day, but I did miss a few minutes, so this was nice to fill in the blanks.

  2. Avatar

    Thanks to Tailwind, I could get 1 million unique viewers monthly for my profile.

  3. Avatar

    This is great news. It will surely help many websites that have been having problem with Rich Pins not pulling metadata from their website. Thanks for sharing.

    • Alisa Meredith
      Alisa MeredithModerator

      Hooray! 🙂

  4. Avatar

    I have Rich Pins enabled and meta data and Tailwind still isn’t pulling in a default pin title. What do I need to add to my post so that other bloggers can schedule with Tailwind without having to manually enter a title?

    • Alisa Meredith
      Alisa MeredithModerator

      It should be pulling in the Rich Pin data. If it’s not, please let Customer Success know.

  5. Avatar
    steve bates

    There is a huge problem with the way Tailwind is doing this! Tailwind should not be “overriding” information that we purposely already filled into the ‘Title’ field!

    We have already been dealing with the fact that Pinterest just suddenly started removing the Title line that showed automatically under the pin and only shows it if the ’Title’ field is filled out when editing the pin. – Which they only added this field a little while ago, so we had only been filling that field out for a short time now – on our latest pins.

    We appreciate that tailwind is trying to help with that issue, but the way that tailwind is doing it is actually screwing us up more and making more work for us!

    When scheduling pins – what Tailwind is doing on pins that DON”T have the ’Title’ field filled in is good! Thank You! But on the pins that we have already filled in the ’Title’ field, we have put there for a reason, and you are “over-riding” what is already there! Please do not do that!

    Also, we have discovered that when using the pin inspector and “re-pinning” from there, the ’Title’ field automatically populates with the same info that is in the ‘description’ field, even if we already have the ’Title’ field filled in! This is not good! Obviously if there is nothing in the ’Title’ field, then I can see why you are doing this. But tailwind should not be “over-riding” information that we purposely put there!

    I hope Tailwind addresses this promptly. Can please make sure the appropriate people know about this!
    Thank You!

    – Steve Bates

    • Alisa Meredith
      Alisa MeredithModerator

      Hi Steve. I understand your frustration! The thing is, we can only pull what is on your website for a title, not what you may have entered on other Pins. You might want to make sure the titles on your website are what you’d want you Pin titles to be.

      I’m not sure why the description field would be pulling in as the title when you Pin again. Forwarded your message on.

    • Avatar

      I second this. I’m sure there is a lot of tech behind pinning that I don’t understand, but it is super frustrating to enter a thoughtful, keyword-rich pin title when I upload each pin, only to have it removed (?) when I schedule it to pin again. The description travels with the pin – is the title different somehow? If so, WHY?
      The titles Tailwind automatically pulls are often one or two words, sometimes hardly related to the pin topic at all.

      • Alisa Meredith
        Alisa MeredithModerator

        Hi Rachel. The thing is, it’s not being removed – it simply isn’t there. Tailwind never technically repins – everything is a new Pin. The description appears the same because it is coming from your site. The title would be the same if you changed it on your site as well. Hope that helps.

        • Avatar
          steve bates

          The point is that tailwind SHOULD be pulling in the info from the ‘Title’ field that we went to the trouble to fill out from the original pin that we have scheduled from! Tailwind even has tips about making your Title and description different. So we have gone to the effort to do this and Tailwind is screwing that up by pulling in other information and overriding our Titles!

  6. Avatar

    Thanks for sharing more ways to find success on Pinterest! 🙂

  7. Avatar

    How about you fix this so it pulls titles from meta titles, open graph data, or even JSON/Schema. Pretty please?

    • Alisa Meredith
      Alisa MeredithModerator

      Hi Yolanda, We agree with you that those would be strong sources to choose from, so indeed we DO use the open graph title as the first choice, followed by the Twitter title, and then the meta title tag. If you don’t think this is working in your case, you are welcome to write in to Customer Success.

  8. Avatar

    What if I’m pinning a video? Where does that description go?

    • Alisa Meredith
      Alisa MeredithModerator

      Hi Anne. There’s a spot for Pin title and description for videos, too!

  9. Avatar

    Excellent tips, Alisa! This was a highly informative yet perfectly understandable post 🙂

    I am most grateful to you for sharing this and that I got to be one of the first to devour it!

    Jessica Adams – Alegria’s Muse

  10. Avatar

    Great article! I have a Pinterest business account with rich pins set up so there has been bold titles on my pins for years now. Is this new feature any different from that? Do I still need to add titles to my new pins or should I just keep going like this? Thank you 🙂

    • Alisa Meredith
      Alisa MeredithModerator

      Hey, Nathalie! We will look for your Rich Pin title to pull that in for your Pins scheduled via Tailwind. What’s different is that Pinterest will not be pulling that in, so you’d need to enter it manually if you upload a Pin via Pinterest.

  11. Avatar

    Question. So if I add titles to my images on a draft in Talwind, will that title override Rich pin data From my site and post using the new title I entered? Or will Rich pin data always be pulled first?

    • Alisa Meredith
      Alisa MeredithModerator

      Hi Erica. What you add in Tailwind is what will display on Pinterest.

  12. Avatar
    Trisha Haas

    Do you know when this will go into affect? I have some accounts scheduled into December – before I schedule past that, do we know when this is going to become required for Pinterest

    • Alisa Meredith
      Alisa MeredithModerator

      Hi Trisha. I’m not sure when Pinterest will make it required on uploaded Pins on their site, but everything going out on Tailwind now needs to have a title.

  13. Avatar

    Hi Alisa,

    Thanks for all the great info. Forgive me if you’ve already answered this, but I’m just not clear: If I add/edit a title to a scheduled pin on Tailwind, does it automatically update on Pinterest, or vice versa? I have many pins scheduled and am hoping I only have add/edit titles in one place. Overall Tailwind is pulling data and making titles are that ok for my pins, but I’d like to edit them to make them more specific/descriptive. Thanks so your help!

    • Alisa Meredith
      Alisa MeredithModerator

      Hi Caitlin. Yes, you can change the titles in Tailwind before they go out to Pinterest!

  14. Avatar

    This may be useful because I found that Pinterest has not been pulling my headlines, meaning the title would often be missing in a pinwhen I pin from a post to Pinterest.

  15. Avatar

    Always love tips on improving productivity and make lives easier.
    As a beginner, I was not aware of these tips while doing SEO on my site.
    I will surely follow these tips on my website. I hope it will rank better then. Keep Sharing…
    Thank you so much for this information.

  16. Avatar

    Does this apply only to pins from our own domain pins from others that we are repining also?

    • Alisa Meredith
      Alisa MeredithModerator

      This would apply to any Pin you are saving, though of course it’s most important for Pins to your own domain 😉

  17. Avatar

    Good to know. Most of my pins are of listings on websites where Pinterest pulls up the rich text – it sometimes takes a while – if I check a Pin I did right away, the rich test does not always show, but if I check later – 1/2 day to 1 day later, even if I put in my own title, the rich text shows on the pin, which I think is preferable for most pins I do. I participate in promotional campaigns with other people — and it is good to know for my own things others pin that the rich text title on the listing (such as an Etsy listing) is what shows on pins by others. I do have a problem with blogspot blog posts, though – Pinterest does not pick up the blog post title ever — and I have to manually put in a title for pins of blog post articles and I am especially concerned about blog posts by other people as I don’t want others’ blog posts to possibly look they are by me.

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