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Pinterest Tips From New Media Expo OSP Episode 048

Who knew I could have so much fun with my purse? In this episode of the Oh So Pinteresting podcast I bring you interviews recorded during New Media Expo straight from my mobile podcasting studio in my purse.

Are you a podcaster interested in mobile podcasting? At the end of this post I’ll show you my easy set-up.

Pinterest Tips From New Media Expo

Travel Bloggers and Pinterest

To kick things off, I spoke with travel blogger Kerwin McKenzie from  He’s doing some great things by collaborating with other travel bloggers on Pinterest group boards but he had some questions about Pinterest SEO.

SEO and Pinterest go hand-in-hand and is often overlooked. Pinterest really is at it’s core a way to organize information just like any other search engine such as Google or Bing. The biggest differences are that the results are represented visually and that it is the users of Pinterest who are bringing the content to Pinterest.

Just like other search engines, Pinterest  still heavily relies on text to categorize and organize it’s content. To improve the chances that your pins, your boards and your account are found through searches on Pinterest and even on Google use key words any place that you have text available to you.


Podcast interview at New Media Expo
Photo courtesy of Hailey Chandanais

I also spoke with Jeremy Chandanais the host of the up coming podcast Launch Pod Radio about podcasters using Pinterest to grow the audience of their show.

Jeremy is just getting started with his podcast but can easily get started on Pinterest to help listers discover his show. The topic of his show is entrepreneurs launching their businesses and how they get through the challenges of the launch process. His subject matter gives him plenty of options for Pinterest boards.

By building his account with his ideal listener in mind he could build his account to help new entrepreneurs. He could have boards about time management, business plans, website design, logo design, motivation, etc… Doing this could help position Jeremy as a resource for new entrepreneurs and help to bring attention to his new podcast.


Mobile Podcasting

NMX was an amazing conference that brought together bloggers, podcasters and video producers from around the world for a weekend of learning and fun. One of the times I had the most fun was when I got to podcast straight from my purse.

I knew I wanted to do more mobile podcasting this year but thought I would  buy more equipment and I wasn’t sure if the quality would be that great. I’ve used a USB microphone into my iPad to record audio tracks for some of my YouTube videos but had to use a powered USB port to power my big Blue Yeti microphone.

I had heard how great the Audio Technica ATR2100 was that I bought one soon after I had started podcasting. I had never tried using that straight into my iPad. I gave it a try and it worked! No powered USB port needed!



Audio recording app (I use Fire 2, no longer available in the app store )

iPad Camera connection kit (available on Amazon from $5.33 -$25.49)

Audio-Technica ATR2100 (available on Amazon $49.00)

Easy mobile podcasting with an iPad



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