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Ready to get super strategic on Instagram? There’s plenty of behind-the-scenes Instagram planning that goes on for successful accounts to get the following and engagement that they need to keep growing. And if you’re part of the majority of Instagrammers uncertain about which kind of goals and aesthetic you should have, when to post, and how to keep track of your progress – we’ve got you covered!

The new year is here, and it’s time to start planning your approach to all things Instagram content in 2020!


Here’s some quick tips on how to start that 2020 plan:

Tip #1: Get clarity on your ultimate goal for Instagram before diving in

In order to hit your goals this year, let’s start by getting super clear on them.

Great Instagram goals include how you’re going to design your feed to stand out and fit your brand, how you’re going to build community, what kind of engagement you want, and how you’re going to meet your audiences’ needs. 

If you want some more specific inspiration on goal-setting, this post right here has a section called ‘Instagram Content Checklist’, where you’ll find ways to nail down your exact content goals and how to attract the right audience.

This ultimate Instagram goal that you set will be your guiding light as you plan out your year, so write it out! 

Tailwind’s brand new Ultimate Instagram Planner will give you space to not only define your ultimate goal, but help you figure how you’re going to hit it, and then how to be accountable every single month. Download it now!

Tip #2: Commit to Consistency

Decide how often you’re going to post to each of these three – your Instagram feed, Instagram Stories, and IGTV. And then of course, stick to it. Hint: It doesn’t have to be every day – the IG gods won’t smite you for not posting every single day like clockwork, but what’s important is deciding on a schedule and sticking to it.

But if it’s possible, try to post daily to greatly increase your Instagram footprint over time. We actually gathered up over 100,000 Instagram posts and made a case study on how often to post to Instagram. (Read about it here.)

And in that case study, we saw a significant boost in both following and engagement over a three month time period. This can’t help but lead us to the conclusion that Instagram is rewarding people for posting more, and probably not incentivizing people to use it less.

Posting daily can start to make it tough to come up with brand new post ideas – but you can take the pressure off with all the post ideas in our free 2020 Ultimate Instagram Planner!

Tip #3: Make any big decisions about branding and themes now, so you don’t have to switch things up in the middle of the year

Your audience craves new, beautiful content, and feeds with strong brand identity with defined aesthetics really bump up that appeal. In addition to how your feed looks, a brand identity encompasses the way you say things, what you talk about, and why you talk about it. 

We’ve gathered up a few important ways to design your brand really well:

Craft your personal Instagram theme:

 Rock your grid:

Slay your Stories:

All of these play major roles in building brand trust – not to mention, branding can be loads of fun, so don’t skip out on this part! 

Tip #4: Sharpen Your Networking Skills

Networking has the potential to open you up to new audience, have access to more content, and create some sweet collaborations and partnerships.

In addition to reaching out more to make more connections and really building your community, something that will really maximize those efforts is getting extremely clear on your brand values. 

When you get clear on your brand values, you attract like-minded brands and customers that can really further your mission. 

See exactly how to define your values on Instagram, check out our very own brand values as an example right here

Tip #5 Keep Your Content Evolving By Learning Something New

Whether it’s IGTV, posting on Stories more, or creating new designs for your feed, keep your content fresh and engaging by growing your skills. Your audience will grow with you, and you could even reach more audience members!

Some new learning material to ultimately grow that audience:

Don’t trip the algorithm:

Keep in touch with the new algorithm updates going on, and don’t fall for the myths. P.S. – Using Instagram scheduling tools like Tailwind for your feed not only help saves you tons of time and keep you pumping out consistent content, but it won’t trip the algorithm. (Learn more here.) Approved IG Partner

The fastest way to find the best hashtags:

What even makes it a great hashtag, and how do you research new ones? Find out right here. Instagram hashtag research

Put multiple links in your Instagram bio:

Instead of having to constantly update your ‘link in bio’ every time you make a new piece of content, use Tailwind’s free to link out multiple things with just one bio link. 

Plan out your whole 2020 with one, crazy useful download

The 2020 Ultimate Instagram Planner is a treasure trove of free post ideas and an Instagram learning plan all in one! As you progress through each month, you’ll be receiving resources that will help you build key skills like all those mentioned above, AND other core Instagram skills like coordinating your posting with worldwide events and specific monthly reflections that keep you accountable. 

How does it work?

This free planner download walks you through all the steps focused around turning you into an Instagram expert by the end of 2020:

  1. Strategically layout your top goal + objectives on how to achieve that goal. 
  2. Work through the monthly themes with action items to build your core Instagram skills. 
  3. Tips, quotes, hashtag ideas based on monthly events, and inspiration reinforce the skillset-building. 
  4. Record your progress to reflect on key learnings and trends that keep you accountable and constantly improving. 

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Instagram may be an enigma with constantly shifting features, algorithm updates, and user behavior, but you can absolutely stay on top of it with the strategy that we’ve laid out in our new free planner! 

The best part is, you have all the tools you need to go out and tackle your Instagram strategy in 2020 So get out there and be the Instagram Slayer that we all know you are!

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