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Sure, there are plenty of reasons Pinterest is so successful. But what do we think the biggest factor is? The Pin It button. Keep reading to find out why!


As I’m sure you’ve realized, Pinterest is one mammoth of a site. It was the fastest site to reach 10 million US monthly visitors, It’s now the second largest driver of social referrals, and users spend an average of $180 per order from Pinterest. And while there are a multitude of reasons that Pinterest is having such incredible success, one of the major explanations can be attributed to the power of the Pin It button.

The Pin It Button Makes Almost Any Site Social

Believe it or not, there are websites out there that don’t add social share buttons to their site. This means, if a user wants to share a link from the site, they would have to copy the link, go to the social network of their choice, and paste the link in their update. While this isn’t that hard to do, it does add an extra step to the process, making a user less likely to share. However, if the user installs the Pin It button extension in their browser then any site with an image larger than 80×80 pixels becomes a single click share.

Don’t Want Pins? No Problem.

Another wonderful thing about the “Pin It” button is that you can block it. In an effort to help users protect themselves again copyright infringement, Pinterest released a “no pin” code for websites. When a user clicks on their Pin It button browser extension, a message comes up that says:
No Pin It Button Code

Installing the “no pin” code is a pretty extreme step to take – especially when you can protect your privacy on Pinterest in other ways – but many artists and photographers are rightfully protective of their images. And luckily for us, Pinterest understands that.

The “Pin It” Button is EVERYWHERE.

The “Pin It” button is becoming hard to escape. Not only is it offered on all of the major browsers, it’s also taking over the rest of the internet. Websites like Etsy, Flickr and YouTube have had the ability to pin directly from their posts for a while, but now popular hosting sites Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress and Wix all have simple Pin It button installs built into the platforms. With such easy integrations, we’ll only be seeing more and more of the Pin It button!

Want to know how to install the “Pin It” button? We’ve got you covered:

Blogger Pin It Button: Installation Guide

Wix Pin It Button: Installation Guide

Tumblr Pin It Button: Install Guide

WordPress Pin It Button: Installation Guide

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