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5 Questions Pinterest Marketers Should Ask, But Don’t

Like with any marketing plan, there are certain things that must be evaluated to keep a Pinterest marketing strategy strong. In this post, we’ve outline the 5 questions all Pinterest marketers should ask – but don’t.

5 Questions Pinterest Marketers Should Ask but Don't

Pinterest’s user-friendly platform makes it easy to share content with and promote your brand to thousands of potential customers.  In fact, it’s so easy you may be tempted to start pinning everything in sight without thinking about why or what you hope to accomplish. Having a strategy in place that drives your Pinterest marketing efforts will improve your results. Here are five questions Pinterest marketers should ask to make the most of their marketing efforts.

Who am I trying to reach?

It’s marketing 101, but with so many great images to pin, it can be easy to forget.  You have to know what segment of the population you’re targeting if you want to be successful.  You’re not trying to connect with everyone who has ever used Pinterest.  Your products and services aren’t right for everyone –  and that’s okay.  Check out your Tailwind follower information, figure out who you want to reach and cultivate content that appeals to them.

What are my fans really interested in?

It’s true, Pinterest is a great way to build your brand and promote your products and services.  But your followers are interested in more than a sales pitch about your company, and Pinterest makes it easy for users to choose what they want to see and what they don’t.  So find out what your fans are interested in and share content that’s relevant to them, whether you created it or not.   If you don’t, chances are they won’t follow you for very long.

When should I schedule my pins?

If you think it doesn’t matter when you post pins, think again.  The timing of your pins can have a big impact on who sees and shares them.  The key is to schedule posts when your audience is most active, not necessarily when it’s convenient for you.  This will increase the likelihood your content is seen and help to prevent you from inundating your followers with multiple pins at once.  Pin scheduling can help you identify the best times to schedule your pins to maximize user engagement.

How engaged are my followers? 

It doesn’t matter how much content you post or how consistently you post it if your followers aren’t engaged.  Quality trumps quantity when it comes to Pinterest followers.  It’s better to have a few hundred active followers than a few hundred thousand inactive ones.

If your followers aren’t as engaged as you would like, consider building relationships with influencers who are a good fit for your brand.  Or think about networking with others to create community boards.  Users who don’t follow you will see your content, and it will give your followers access to content they’re interested in.

How searchable are your pins?

While killer visuals will grab your audience’s attention if they’re browsing through your pins, keywords are critical for people looking for something in particular.  Pinterest’s search feature lets users search for specific content on the site.  Including keywords your target audience is likely to use in their searches increases the odds your content will show up in their search results.

What other questions should marketers be asking? Let us know in the comments!



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    It truly is super easy to get lost in Pinterest and to start pinning and liking everything from easy dinner recipes, party ideas, vacation destinations, etc. Who am I trying to reach and what do my followers want to see is much more important if you’re pinning for your small business, than what you’re interested in on your time off. Thank you for the much needed reminder! 🙂

    • Avatar
      Melissa Megginson

      Pinterest is definitely a black hole of amazing ideas! I tend to keep my personal Pinterest open in a separate browser than our company one, so if I become distracted by something I’m interested in personally I can just copy the pin and throw it up on my personal page 🙂 Best of both worlds!

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    Nice post. Basically, those questions hold true for marketing in general, and all social media marketing, not just Pinterest. “Who am I trying to reach?” is the most critical. Nailing it is crucial to your entire business strategy, and your organization’s ultimate success.

    “How engaged are my followers?”: Excellent question. The natural follow up is “and what can I do to drive engagement higher?”

    • Avatar
      Melissa Megginson

      You’re 100% right, Steve. Knowing how engaged your audience is – either on Pinterest or on any other platform – is only part of the battle. Connecting with your audience, driving higher engagement, and building those relationships is really what marketing is all about.
      Thanks for the great comment!

  3. Avatar

    Hi Melissa!

    That’s a great post and your first point “Who am I trying to reach” is so often overlooked. It is marketing 101, but people (and I’ve done the same mistake) sometimes try to just publish all kind of content everywhere hoping to reach the most people possible.

    I’ve learned this the hard way, it doesn’t work. AT ALL.

    Definitely, this first question is the most important in my mind.

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