How to Share Instagram Images on Pinterest (and Vice Versa)

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Pinterest and Instagram. Arguably the two biggest names in visual marketing, with very different user experiences. Where Pinterest is based on linking images to websites, Instagram is all about the images. In fact, Instagram only recently announced clickable advertising for a very select set of partners. And while the two platforms act differently, they can actually work together to help you create an inner-connected visual social media marketing image and cross-promote your accounts on each platform. So, what are the best ways to share Instagram images on Pinterest (and Pinterest images on Instagram)?

 How to Share Instagram Images on Pinterest

Adding Instagram Photos to Pinterest

Thanks to Instagram’s desktop interface, you can link directly to your posts. So say I wanted to share this image from my recent trip to Australia on Pinterest:

Instagram in Browser

My first option is to save the image and upload it directly to Pinterest, then add the source URL:

Instagram image on Pinterest

Alternatively, you can schedule your Instagram images to Pinterest through the Tailwind dashboard thanks to our Instagram integration. Just connect your account, then choose images from your entire Instagram feed:

Tailwind's Instagram Pins

Click on the image you’d like to schedule, then add the board, description, and time to the post:

Scheduling Instagram Images

By scheduling your Instagram pictures, you can ensure that they will be seen when your Pinterest audience is active.

Adding Pinterest Photos to Instagram

Because of Instagram’s square size and previously mentioned aversion to links, you have to get a little creative when sharing Pinterest images. For example, say I wanted to promote our Startup Life board on Instagram. What would be the best way to share that image?

Well, first we can find a pin on the board that fits within a square, and add it to Instagram:

Promoting Pinterest Boards on Instagram

Even though you can’t link to a URL in an Instagram post, you can link to it in your profile. If you look in the description of the above image, I tell the Instagram-mer to check out our bio for the link:

Instagram profile

And in our bio, there’s a clickable link! You can link to a Pinterest board you’d like to promote, your full Pinterest account, a link to your blog – anything! It’s your one chance to get Instagram users to click, so take advantage of it.

What other ways do you cross promote your social accounts? Let us know in the comments!

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