4 Ideas for Singletons to Spend Valentine’s Day via Pinterest

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That time of year is finally here: the day when couples realize their romantic fantasies and go all out to declare their love for each other, all the while contributing nearly $17.3 billion to America’s economy. We are of course talking about Valentine’ Day.

While those in love spend obscene amounts of money lavishing each other with flowers, chocolates, jewelry and sweaters (yeah, sweaters. Seriously, we looked it up), what about the single individuals out there? We here at Tailwind are huge advocates for singletons so don’t worry–we got you covered. Here are 4 ideas from Pinterest for all the single ones out there to help make the best out of Single Awareness Day.

Pamper Yourself!


This Valentine’s Day, look out for numero uno–yourself! You’ve worked hard so treat yourself to some great yet affordable ways to pamper yourself. The Skinny.therapon have some easy steps to recreate a spa treatment for some serious R&R.

Plan a Singles Only Valentine’s Day Dinner Party!

Dinner Party





Now we are not suggesting throwing a bitter “I Hate Valentine’s Day” party ala Jessica Biel’s character in the movie, Valentine’s Day. There is no reason to be bitter and hate Valentine’s Day when you can treat it just like any other holiday and spend it with your friends! If for no other reason, it’s an excuse to throw a party! Hostess with the Mostess lays down some terrific, sweet and simple ideas for a little soiree. Invite all your single friends over for a dinner party and relish in the company of those who are in your life rather than fret over the ones who aren’t.

Plan a Romantic Dinner for two–with a Friend!







Good Housekeeping has some delicious V-Day recipes you can try out so if you crave a quiet dinner at home and don’t want to deal with the hassle of having a ton of people over. It’s also a perfect opportunity to invite that one special friend over for dinner to spend some quality BFF/bro time. If he/she happens to be in a relationship and is spending Valentine’s Day with their significant other, call up another friend! Or that new friend you’ve made whom you’ve been dying to get to know better. Who knows, if all goes well you may not be single next Valentine’s!

Thank Your Loved Ones!

Thank You Cards






Valentine’s Day is about love after all so why not spread it and remind your friends and family just how much they mean to you! She Wears Many Hats has a cute idea for a thoughtful V-Day card and though it may have been intended for kids, we can’t help but share it. Also–it comes with a free printable!

Feel free to let us know what your Valentine’s Day plans are-single or otherwise!


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