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Is Your Social Media Content Curation Just Noise OSP 069

Content curation is something that most social media markers say you MUST do in order not to be spammy or too self promotional. Many say it would be rude to only post your own content and never share anyone else’s. But, is your social media content curation just noise, is it really the best way to approach social media marketing?

Is Your Social Media Content Curation Just Noise OSP 069

In this week’s episode

This week, Ralph Rivera, one half of the dynamic duo behind Web Search Social, joins me on the show to discuss a recent article he wrote titled In Which I Discuss Why Content Curation For Marketing SucksWe take a look at the concept of content curation as a marketing practice and if it’s really the best approach for businesses.

We also discuss Pinterest’s role in content curation. Pinterest is VERY different from other platforms such as Twitter and Facebook and we both agree that it is a content curation platform with a social media twist. during our chat we discuss how to approach content curation on Pinterest for businesses so it’s not just noise but in a way that has a marketing purpose.

Ralph Rivera of Web Search Social

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 On aother note

meganOn July 29, 2014 a fatal car accident happened in central Texas involving students of my alma mater Baylor University. Among the survivors were 2 students who also attended the same high school and were in the same marching band as my kids.

Thankfully, one of them, Jake, will be released form the hospital soon. Megan, was critically injured and will have a long expensive recovery. An account has been opened in her name to help her family with the financial burden of her care. I have met Megan and her family and know that they would truly appreciate support they receive.

If possible, please visit and contribute to the Go Fund Me page for Megan’s Medical Expense fund by clicking here.


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