Harnessing the Power of Pinterest: Insights and Best Practices for Creators and Marketers [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Headshots of Susan Moeller of Tailwind and Madison Smith of Pinterest with the Tailwind and Pinterest logos on a pink background.

Tailwind recently hosted an exclusive fireside chat with Madison Smith, Strategic Partner Manager for Platforms and Agencies at Pinterest. Madison brings over three years of experience and deep insights about Pinterest best practices and new features. Here’s a summary of the session:

Introduction to Pinterest’s Unique Ecosystem

Madison opened the session by delineating Pinterest’s unique position at the intersection of search, social, and commerce. 

This unique setup allows the platform to function as a dynamic space where millions engage daily not just to browse, but to find inspiration, collaborate on projects, and make purchases. 

Madison emphasized, “Pinterest is more than just a platform; it is a vibrant marketplace of ideas where people come to search, decide, and take action.”

Comprehensive 2024 Best Practices on Pinterest

Prioritizing High-Quality Visuals

Next, Madison underscored the importance of creating visually appealing content to capture user interest on Pinterest. She noted that successful Pins typically feature:

  • stellar lighting, 
  • precise framing, 
  • and high resolution. 

Given the mobile-heavy user base of Pinterest, she recommended adopting a vertical aspect ratio for images and videos to optimize viewer engagement.

Importance of Context in Pins

Proper context enhances pin discoverability and relevance. 

Madison explained, “Providing context is critical—it encompasses not just the image or video, but also the title, description, and the board where the pin is saved.” 

She stressed that detailed, descriptive titles are essential, as they inform viewers about the content and retain their attention 32% longer than Pins without titles.

Enhancing Engagement Through Strategic Content Placement

Madison shared valuable strategies for boosting content visibility and interaction. “Posting high-quality content regularly is crucial as Pinterest’s algorithm favors consistency, which enhances your content’s visibility and engagement over time,” she advised. 

This method ensures a steady presence on the platform, crucial for long-term audience engagement.

Leveraging Tailwind for an Optimized Pinterest Strategy

Tailwind’s integration with Pinterest was highlighted as a significant advantage for users looking to streamline their content strategy. 

Madison pointed out, “Tailwind helps users maintain a consistent posting schedule, which is vital for algorithmic visibility and engagement on Pinterest.” 

She discussed how pre-planning content using Tailwind saves time and ensures that posts reach the audience when they are most likely to engage.

Exciting New Features on Pinterest

Then, Madison introduced several upcoming features designed to simplify the content creation process, including a unified creation flow and the Board Preview feature. 

The latter allows users to share their curated boards as dynamic videos on other platforms like Instagram Stories, enhancing cross-platform engagement.

Keyword Optimization for Maximum Discoverability

Effective use of keywords is crucial for enhancing content visibility on Pinterest. Madison detailed how strategic keyword integration into pin titles, descriptions, and board names can significantly boost searchability. 

She recommended using Pinterest’s trend tools and search bar suggestions to discover relevant keywords that attract the desired audience.

Q&A Session With Madison

During the interactive Q&A, Madison addressed various questions about Pinterest strategies:

  • Content Posting Frequency: It’s best to post new content at least once a week but not more than 25 times to maintain quality and engagement.
  • Video vs. Image Content: Depending on the goals, video can be effective for storytelling or tutorials, while images are suitable for driving traffic to blogs or commercial sites.

Madison also discussed the importance of using the platform’s analytics tools to track performance and tailor content strategies based on what resonates best with the audience. This data-driven approach helps in fine-tuning the content to better meet user expectations and increase engagement.

Additional Insights From Fireside Chat

Madison shared more on the operational aspects and user behavior on Pinterest, emphasizing the platform’s role in driving significant traffic and engagement long after the content is posted. 

She pointed out that Pinterest’s algorithm prioritizes quality and relevance, making it unique compared to platforms where recency is more critical.

She also touched on the importance of inclusivity in content creation:

Pinterest has developed tools like skin tone ranges and hair pattern search features to make the platform more accessible and relevant to a diverse user base.

These tools help users find content that resonates more personally with their needs and appearances.

Furthermore, Madison elaborated on the economic impact of Pinterest, noting how users come to the platform with a high intent to purchase, making it an invaluable tool for businesses and marketers aiming to convert inspiration into sales.

Session Summary

Madison’s comprehensive overview provided attendees with a deep understanding of Pinterest’s capabilities and best practices.

She concluded the session by encouraging all creators and marketers to leverage these insights and the tools provided by Pinterest and Tailwind to amplify their digital marketing strategies and achieve greater success on the platform.

Headshots of Susan Moeller of Tailwind and Madison Smith of Pinterest with the Tailwind and Pinterest logos and the blog post title on a pink background.

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