The Easy Way to Create Great Images for Marketing OSP 094

Table of Contents Internet has been making a gradual shift away from text and towards images for decades. Since the rise of social media and especially since Pinterest came on the scene, the shift has gained some serious momentum. In just the past few years we’ve seen that it now takes more than a well written article or social media post to get attention in the crowded online space. Now, you need to include great images for your marketing efforts to even stand a chance.

The Easy Way to Create Great Images for Marketing OSP 094

Over the past few years I’ve heard clients say that they aren’t creative enough to create images, they aren’t sure of what kind of images to use or don’t have time to learn complicated software. So what if you’re not a graphic designer or can’t afford one? Does that mean you shouldn’t even bother? 

My friend and business partner Jason Lange and I decided to do something about this. We knew businesses were missing out on some great online opportunities because of these challenges. We created a course called Web Images Made Easy.

Jason and I knew that it doesn’t have to be difficult, confusing or expensive to create images to be used on your website and across social media. The course guides you step-by step though the basics of design, visual strategy development and how to use free online tools to get great results.

With great images your blog and social media posts will get more attention and can increase your business’s bottom line.

In this episode

• Jason and I discuss the evolution and importance of using images online. We also look at how strategically designed images can grab consumer’s attention and be the catalyst needed to get them to engage with a business.

• We break down what an “eye-catching” image really is. It’s been said that people process visual information 60,000 times faster than verbal information. This makes it much easier for people to connect with an image. So in order for you to capture people’s attention with your images you have to know whom you’re trying to reach and what action you want them to take.

For example, it’s easy to capture people’s attention with cute cat pictures but if they’re not relevant to your business’ goals then they’re not going to work for you. While cute cat pictures have their place and are good to use occasionally to have fun and increase engagement, there has to be more to a successful visual marketing strategy.

• Images spur memories and feelings almost instantly. Because of this it makes it much easier for people to connect with and remember images more than with text. So in order to create those “eye-catching images” that will work for your business you have to know who you’re trying to reach, what will appeal to them and what will help you achieve your goals.

Which image would your ideal customer relate to?

Which image would your customer relate to. learn how to develop a visual strategy with Web Images Made Easy

Which image would be more likely to be clicked on?

Which image would you click? Learn visual strategy with Web Images Made Easy

Jason and I also discuss the importance of having a strategy for your images before you even begin trying to create them. A pre-planned strategy will help you save time during the creation process.

While there are some very naturally talented graphic designers in the world, you don’t have to be one of them to create great images for your marketing. By knowing and understanding some basic design principles such as layout and typography you can also create great images more quickly and easily.

Photoshop is the industry standard for photo editing and design. Both Jason and I have spent years learning how to use it and have found that for most images that we create simple, straightforward and free tools like Canva and PicMonkey are more efficient and much less expensive.

Branding is crucial for making brands memorable and relatable. Since it’s now so easy to create images and connect with people online, keeping a consistent branding message can help businesses’ grow and compete even if they don’t have a huge marketing budget.

Sometimes it’s tough to create that overall branding message or to know what your image style should be. This could be the ideal time to work with a professional designer. They can help you create a look that will help you achieve your goals. Once you have that, you can then carry on the torch and keep the branding consistent in the images you create for you business.

Connect with Jason

Jason Lange

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 A look at Web Images Made Easy

For full details of what’s included in the course head on over to the official Web Images Made Easy Website.

Here’s a peek at what’s inside:

Web Images Made Easy guides you though each step form developing a strategy to creating great images for your website and social media.

Web Images Made Easy guides you though each step

While they don’t have to be taken in order, Web Images Made Easy is simple to navigate from one lesson to the next.

Web Images Made Easy is simple to navigate

Creating images can be fun and easy when you know a bit about graphic design. In the course we show you the basics of good design in easy to understand videos.

Creating images can be fun and easy when you know a bit about graphic design


The course guides you step-by-step through free tools like Canva and PicMonkey to create great images.



In Web Images Made Easy You get access to tutorials that will guide you though making great images with tools like Canva and PicMonkey

Web Images Made Easy even has bonus content to help your images get even more attention.

Web Images Made Easy even has bonus content to really help your images stand out online

There’s lots more included do be sure to visit Web Images Made Easy for full details and to register. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give me a shout 🙂

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