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Hello and welcome to episode 50 of the Oh So Pinteresting podcast! To celebrate this milestone, things are changed up a bit and this time, I’m in the hot-seat.

Chief Technology Officer of Oh So Pinteresting AKA my husband Rob, interviews me about the evolution of the business and about the evolution of Pinterest over the past 2 years.

The Evolution Episode

Rob made his first appearance on the podcast way back on episode 1. Since the podcast began a lot has changed around here. I’ve begun speaking about Pinterest all around the country and I’ve launched the Pinterest for Business Workshop and I’ve had the pleasure and the privilege to meet and work with people from all around the world. He’s been there to support me every step of the way.

Team Oh So Pinteresting having a Great time at NMX

Team Oh So Pinteresting having a great time at New Media Expo

In this episode

  • The toughest part of launching the Oh So Pinteresting blog and podcast
  • Where I find guests for the show
  • How things have changed for Pinterest and Oh So Pinteresting
  • How big brands have jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon and what has and hasn’t worked
  • This week’s Pinterest tip of the week


Links mentioned:

Pinterest tag in Target stores social media marketing in real life

I like Nordstrom but tend to shop more at Target

Pinterest for Business Workshop

Danielle from Snout School brings Pinterest offline

Pinterest in Nordstrom stores

Tailwind Pinterest analytics app

Phil Derksen’s Pinterest WordPress plugins


Connect with Rob:

On Pinterest

On Twitter @robsanchez


I couldn’t be happier that my husband is joining me in this adventure. But, none of this could happen without your support. Thank you for making this adventure possible for us!

Big changes are in store for Oh So Pinteresting in the coming months. My goal is to make this the most helpful blog and podcast for people wanting to learn how to use Pinterest for their businesses. With that said, it would be really helpful for me to know what are your biggest challenges and obstacles when it comes to using or managing a Pinterest business account? Please feel free to send me a message at ohsopinteresting(at) or leave a comment below. Thanks!

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