4 Unique Ways To Improve Your Pinterest Marketing

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By now, it’s no secret that Pinterest is growing rapidly and is now a serious contender in the social media marketing world. Not only is it important to keep up-to-date with Pinterest and stay informed about what it is and how it operates, but it’s also necessary to understand the type of content that belongs on it and how to utilize it so that you are maximizing its marketing potential. Pinterest marketing should be creative, fun, and engaging in order to be effective, and there are many things that you can do on Pinterest that you can’t necessarily do on other platforms. Here are four ideas for unique ways that your business can utilize to improve its Pinterest presence.

4 Unique Ways Businesses Can Improve Their Pinterest Marketing

1. Host a Guest Pinner Board

As we always stress, social media marketing is all about engaging and interacting with your audience. What better way to get this audience involved than actually giving them a say in what’s being pinned to your boards? By getting your audience involved in your boards, you’ll increase engagement, create more interest and intrigue around your brand, and gives you insight into what your consumers are already interested in and what they want to see. For proof, check out the engagement on Joy Cho’s amazing “Life in Color” guest board for Target!

2. Create Contests

Everyone loves a good contest now and then to really get involved with their favorite brands as well as the opportunity to win something of value. Big brands, like Volkswagen, have seen a lot of success from contests in which they ask their followers to pin their own images to the brand’s board with the chance of winning a prize. You don’t have to be a big brand to see results either. Small brands with a loyal following can also obtain optimal results from contests. What does this do? It creates buzz and word-of-mouth about your brand as well as adds some fun and excitement to your marketing efforts. Just make sure you’re following Pinterest’s contest guidelines.

3. Display Your Brand Personality

You know what values, ideals, and cultural aspects are important to your company, and Pinterest is a great place to show them off and bring them to life! For instance, proud of the city you are based in? Pin exciting things about the area. Have a few mottos that your company lives by? Pin them. Devote a board to all the things that make your company what it is. If your follower base can see what your brand is all about, they’ll have more of a reason to really get behind you and become true brand advocates.

4. Pin Videos

Pinterest doesn’t just have to be for pictures. Pinterest makes it easy for you to pin videos as well, so take advantage of this. Videos provide a deeper visual into whatever you may be pinning- whether it is a how-to, usage situation, or to convey thoughts and emotions that you couldn’t have otherwise. Videos can provide more dimension and depth to your otherwise flat boards and keep things from getting too monotonous.

Begin utilizing these tips to jumpstart your Pinterest marketing experience today. These are some of many ways that businesses can utilize Pinterest, so if you have more suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments below!


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