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What to Pin to Pinterest in April

In this post, we look at the Pinterest Pins that performed best last April to help you understand what you should be Pinning this month.

We analyzed all of the Pins from Tailwind members from April of last year and Pinned the ones that received the most Repins to our 11 “trends” boards – one board for each of the 11 most popular Pinterest categories.

We Pinned to these boards in the chronological order that the Pins were published, so Pins at the bottom of the board are from earlier in the month and Pins at the top are from later in the month.  Only the Pins on the board between the Pins that feature the text “What to Pin in April” and “What to Pin in March” relate to Pins that were popular last April.

What Tailwind’s “Trends” Boards Can Teach You

  • Perfect your seasonal timing so that you’re creating content at the right time of year
  • Uncover popular trends referenced by last year’s Pins and recreate their success by referencing this year’s equivalent trends
  • Observe the color pallets that work in the different categories at different times of year
  • Observe seasonal trends in Pin aesthetics: text overlays, aspect ratios and photography
  • Find seasonal keywords in Pin descriptions that may generate Pinterest search traffic

Video Discussing April:

What To Pin in April

April Trends in the DIY and Crafts Category

  • We are starting seeing more Patriotic Pins because both Memorial Day and 4th of July are coming in the next few months.
  • There are a number of clothing and sewing crafts. The projects were all useful and generally classically designed.
  • When creating a wearable DIY project Pin, make sure it can stand the test of time.
  • The colors are becoming less muted and trending toward more primary. Spring is here and people are choosing bright colors accordingly.
  • Kid-oriented DIY projects are really popular this month. With summer upon us, parents want to have plenty of fun things for their kids to do.
    • The Pins that related to kids tend to have cute kids, fun fonts, and bright splashes of color.
  • Many of these DIY projects related to making your life a little easier.
    • For product marketers, this is an opportunity to introduce your products in a DIY setting.
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DIY & Crafts Trends on Pinterest in April

April Trends in the Education Category

    • Primary colors do very well for education Pins
    • The Pins are becoming more nature based, since the weather is getting nicer.
    • There’s a lot of DIY overlap because teachers have to rely on creating their own curriculum and supplies.
    • There’s a theme of making learning more fun for children. By using legos to teach spelling and math is done by playing connect 4, kids will be more likely to engage.
  • The TPT community really needs to focus on bringing fun, unique, seasonally relevant ideas to Pinterest.
    • Use a blog to show how to use your TPT products then link to your TPT store instead of linking directly from TPT.
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Education Trends On Pinterest In April

April Trends in the Food and Drink Category

    • The colors this month are heavily centralized around yellows, oranges, and blues.
    • We’re starting to see more summer ingredients – fruits & berries, ice cream, cold drinks.
  • Food bloggers need to be specific and list out all of the categories their recipes fall into.
    • Your recipe is vegan, but is it also Paleo, Whole 30 approved, can be made gluten-free, and is also family-friendly? List all of the relevant keywords to be discovered.
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Food & Drink Trends On Pinterest In April

April Trends in the Hair and Beauty Category

    • Breaking down complicated hair tutorials into easy-to-understand steps make seemingly unobtainable hair styles into something an everyday person can achieve.
    • Most of the trending hairstyles we see in April are different braid styles, geared toward longer hair.
    • Pinners like to see more daring styles, too. For example, the undercut hairstyle and intricate nail art might be less accessible for everyone in their day-to-day life, but they are beautiful images that people want to Pin.
  • Beauty bloggers and need to make beauty easy and accessible for the general public. Everyone wants to feel beautiful, but not everyone knows how to do it.
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Hair and Beauty Trends on Pinterest in April

April Trends in the Health and Fitness Category

    • Infographic style Pins with instructions on how to do a full workout perform very well on Pinterest.
    • Although the majority of Pins tend to be how-to’s, not all of them are workouts.
      • Motivational quotes and overall health tips also perform well.
  • Fitness Pins tend to be popular year round, but with swimsuit season fast approaching, Pinners will be getting serious about getting into shape.
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Heath and Fitness Trends on Pinterest in April

April Trends in the Holidays and Events Category

    • There are fewer holiday-specific Pins now. We see a few patriotic Pins, some Mother’s Day/Father’s Day, but Christmas is the holiday that’s seen the most.
    • Pinks and pastels are the big color theme this month
    • We see a few graduation party ideas pop up in Apiril since many graduations happen in May
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Holiday and Event Trends on Pinterest in April

April Trends in the Home Decor Category

    • Colors are starting to get brighter in April – moving toward spring.
    • There are more outdoor living ideas and DIYs
    • People are always looking for organizational tips and tricks, and that will become especially relevant with the idea of “spring cleaning” popping up.
  • Home decor brand and lifestyle bloggers should keep in mind the brighter, lighter colors coming into play this month. Adding colorful flowers or a bright pop might help your Pins catch a Pinners eye as they start to plan their spring decor.
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Home Decor Trends on Pinterest in April

April Trends in the Kids and Parenting Category

    • Parents are starting to plan for their kids being home all summer
      • Dollar store ideas, outdoor fun, and DIY crafts for kids are all trending in April
  • Parents are also interested in helping their children grow and learn before they start school.
    • This is a great opportunity for an early childhood education TPT seller to provide tips and tricks for at home continuing education for teachers to send along with their students for the summer.
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Kids and Parenting Trend on Pinterest in April

April Trends in the Travel Category

    • April sees more summertime trip planning
      • Kids will be out of school, so parents are starting to plan family-friendly summer vacations, like Disney.
    • It’s a good idea to get very specific with your niche. From Harry Potter tours, to learning how to cook in France, being specific can get you in front of the right audience.
    • People LOVE free and budget-friendly ideas on how to take a trip. Be the one to provide that advice.
  • Travel bloggers need to keep in mind that photography matters.
    • People Pin beautiful, fantasy scenery. Often the posts that do well have minimal or no text overlay. Use the description and small text overlays to draw people into your site, and not just Repin your Pin to a “dreams” board.
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Travel Trends on Pinterest in April

April Trends in the Wedding Category

    • Weddings is a category that caters to multiple other categories like fashion, beauty, travel, DIY, food, decor, etc.
      • There’s an opportunity in the wedding category for tons of industries to get in front of brides. Don’t discount weddings just because your business doesn’t cater to brides!
    • Popular wedding photos tend to have a soft, dream-like haze to them. This is a person’s dream day, so make sure you’re presenting it as one!
  • If you’re in the wedding industry, don’t only focus on what you specialize. Become a destination for all things related to relationships, weddings, and marriage!
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Wedding Trend on Pinterest in April

April Trends in the Women’s Fashion Category

    • Pinterest tends to focus on ready-to-wear more than the haute couture you see in traditional glossy magazines.
      • This means there are more classic pieces styled for, and presented in, everyday situations.
    • The outfits are largely meant for everyday women. They want to see themselves feeling beautiful, comfortable, and strong in these outfits.
      • Because Pinners want to imagine themselves in the outfits, you don’t see many images focusing on faces.
    • Fashion bloggers should be putting out content that is aspirational, but still obtainable. People Pin these Pins and purchase these products because they will look good in the real world, on real women.
  • However, Pinterest’s Lens has the potential to shake up how product Pins look on Pinterest.
    • If someone is using Lens to find similar tops to one their friend is wearing, you will want to have clear product shots that will be discovered through Lens.
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Women's Fashion Trends on Pinterest in April

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What to Pin to Pinterest in April
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