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In a previous blog post, we discussed the importance of blogging and how it has drastically changed the way people absorb information. In this follow up, we would like to list some of the bonuses of having a contributing writer. 

Advantages-of-Contributing-Blog-WritersBusinesses use blogs as a platform for sharing ideas, content marketing, product promotion and most importantly, connecting with your customers. Blogging is a big responsibility and takes a whole lot of creative juice to run and produce content your readers will respond to. Here at Tailwind, we reach out to blog contributors all the time and have built some very good relationships with them. Here are some insights on the advantages of having blog contributors:

Diversify Content
When you are blogging for a business, it is important not to sound one dimensional. Typically companies have a designated person hired for the sole purpose of producing content for their blog but the trouble with having only one writer is it reflects one thought process and one person’s opinion, which can heavily influence the content you put out. Having guest contributors not only adds value to your blog in the long run but also offers a myriad of views and perspective which is integral to a blog’s longevity and makes readers come back.

Reach Influencers
Reaching out to other writers help bring in new readers. At Tailwind, we track influencers of all kinds; from techies, to social media marketing experts to members of the startup community, anyone we come in contact with or meet at conferences or events with a great idea and a strong passion for what they do is a potential networking opportunity. Bringing in someone with a strong following helps draw new customers into the fold and get the word out on your business.

Gain Credibility
People love hearing about success stories so it helps to reach out to experts in a specific field and get them to guest blog for you. Getting a seasoned professional in the industry to share their journey makes the blog post an educational one for your readers. It is inspirational and motivates readers, especially those starting out in the business.

Build Community
At the end of the day, blogging forms a community. Having guest writers is a great way to network with other bloggers The blogging community can be a tight knit family and would always be up for sharing content with everyone within. By doing so, you will be privy to good quality blog content and increase your business’s reputation within the community.

Know of any great blog contributors or would like to be one yourself? Drop a comment in the box below and let the networking begin!


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