60 Best Hashtags for Instagram in 2020 (+ Where to Find Them!)

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Instagram hashtags can be a bit capricious. 

We need them, they’re our best way to build organic engagement and reach new followers , but they can be complicated.

The best hashtags seem to change all the time, some of them get banned with no warning, and if you don’t use them correctly Instagram could sink you into the oblivion of the algorithm .

And even when you’re using objectively popular hashtags, sometimes they seem to make no difference in your engagement levels or follower count! What gives? 

Recently Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram, shed a little light on exactly why that happens. 

Instagram CEO Explains why Hashtags are not working from r/Instagram

Despite what you might think, Instagram’s Explore page isn’t a comprehensive collection of every single post that used a given trending hashtag #️⃣.

Instead, Instagram hashtag discover pages are subject to their own algorithm, with the goal of preventing spam and creating the best user experience possible. 

Instagram evaluates things like what’s in the photo, the kind of engagement your photos get, and whether people are interacting with your photo to determine your place in the hashtag algorithm.

This new info is changing Instagram hashtag strategies going into 2020!

Instead of finding the most popular hashtags to add to your photos, you want to find the best and most specific hashtags for your content. 

The more specific your hashtags, the more likely that you’ll reach users looking for exactly what you’re offering.

That helps bump up your posts in the Explore page! 

To help you kickstart your new strategy, here are some tips and tricks on finding and using the best hashtags for Instagram. 

The Importance of Using Top Instagram Hashtags

When you’re crafting your Instagram strategy, it’s important to keep track of the top Instagram hashtags – especially the ones relevant to your niche.

Not only do top Instagram hashtags inform you about current trends, but they can also inspire new content that better matches the interest of your audiences. Plus, adding these top-performing hashtags to your lists increase your chances of more reach and impressions!

Research: How to Find the Best Hashtags for Instagram

You can search lists of “most popular Instagram hashtags” all day, but to really find the hashtags that are best for you, you’ll need to engage in a little hashtag research ‍ .

Here’s how to do it!

  1. Start digging into related accounts. For example, If you’re a fashion blogger, start by going to a popular blogger’s account in the same niche.
  2. Take a look at what hashtags they’re using
  3. Click through those hashtags and take notes on what the discover pages are like. For example, are they full of competition, or niche? Is the content similar to yours? Do some hashtags line up better with your aesthetic than others?
  4. Finally, start testing hashtags on your photos. By posting with different hashtag groupings and monitoring engagement and reach, you’ll start to get a feel for what hashtags work for you!

If you want even more tips and tricks about Instagram research, check out our best ways to research Instagram hashtags!

How to Use Popular Hashtags on Instagram: Do’s and Don’ts

Even the best hashtags are useless if they’re not used correctly. Here are our best practices for using trending hashtags on Instagram!

  • DO: Use a mix of ultra-competitive, competitive, and niche hashtags for the best result. 
  • DO: Keep trying different popular hashtags. You have up to 30 hashtags to play with on every Instagram post. Even if you only post photos with 7-10 hashtags, that still gives you an opportunity to try one or two new hashtags whenever you post. This helps you reach new audiences and find the best hashtags for your account! 
  • DON’T: Use hashtags that don’t aren’t related to your photo. Posting a photo with popular hashtags that have nothing to do with your post will knock you down in the algorithm because users are unlikely to engage with your photos on the discover page (or maybe even report your post as spam!
  • DON’T: Post more than the maximum amount of 30 hashtags. If you try to post a caption with more than 30 hashtags, the photo will post with no caption at all, and all your work typing in a caption and curating hashtags will disappear.

60 of the Most Popular Hashtags for Instagram in 2020

Tailwind has collected some of the best and most popular hashtags on Instagram right now.

They’re broken up into subcategories like industry and subject matter to target your audience.

And did we mention you can even save your hashtag list for future posts?

Best Hashtags for Likes

  • #like4like
  • #likeforlike
  • #likes
  • #likesforlikes
  • #likes4likes
  • #likeback
  • #likeforlikes
  • #like4likes
  • #likeit
  • #likebackteam
  • #likeall
  • #likealways
  • #liketeam
  • #likeforlikealways
  • #likeforlikeback
  • #likesreturned
  • #like4likeback
  • #likeforme
  • #LikeThis
  • #likebackalways

Best Hashtags for Followers

  • #followme
  • #follow
  • #follow4follow
  • #followforfollow
  • #followback
  • #followers
  • #followtrain
  • #follower
  • #followforlike
  • #Followus
  • #followher
  • #follows
  • #following
  • #follow4like
  • #followhim
  • #followmeplease
  • #followalways
  • #follow4followback
  • #followbackteam
  • #followall

Best Hashtags for Fashion

  • #fashion
  • #instagood  
  • #ootd  
  • #fashionblogger 
  • #photooftheday 
  • #fashionista  
  • #picoftheday 
  • #styleinspo
  • #outfitoftheday
  • #instastyle
  • #outfitinspiration

Best Hashtags for Travel

  • #instatravel
  • #instagood
  • #traveltip
  • #travelgram
  • #traveladdict
  • #tourist
  • #traveltheworld
  • #globetrotting
  • #travelingislife
  • #wanderlust
  • #mytravelgram

Best Hashtags for Giveaways

  • #giveaway
  • #instagiveaway
  • #instacontest
  • #competition

Banned Instagram Hashtags in 2020 Include

In Instagram’s seemingly endless war against spam and bot activity, they’ve started banning hashtags that show heavy signs of spam. 

If you use these hashtags, your account could be dinged as spam, which will hurt your chances of getting a post at the top of that Discover page!  

It’s easy to check if an Instagram hashtag is banned before posting, just click on the hashtag!

If it’s banned, a message from Instagram will appear at the top of the page saying that recent posts are hidden due to community reports. 

Banned Instagram hashtags in 2020 include:

  • #adulting
  • #sopretty
  • #overnight
  • #mustfollow
  • #dating
  • #sunbathing
  • #snowstorm
  • #todayimwearing

This list could be updated at any time, so make sure you’re regularly checking your favored Instagram hashtags saved in your hashtag lists for any surprise bans. 

The Best Hashtag Generator for Instagram 

If none of the most popular hashtags on Instagram in 2020 speak to you, try Hashtag Generator Tool to hunt down your favorites!

Our caption tool will instantly match you with the most relevant hashtags for your photo as you type, giving you maximum reach with no time spent trawling Instagram in the name of hashtag research.

You can even save your hashtag lists to re-use later!

This hashtag generator is the best app to find current and popular hashtags for Instagram and streamline your posting process!

Itching to try it out? Get a [sc name=”free-trial-of-tailwind-for-instagram”] – no credit card required!

Tailwind’s Instagram Hashtag Resources

How to Hide Your Hashtags on Instagram 

Maybe you’ve been wanting to use hashtags on Instagram, but you just can’t get over the way they sit at the bottom of your post, looking spammy. Ugh! ‍♀️

Good news: there are two ways to clean up your caption and hide those hashtags. 

Use Line Breaks or Spacers to Hide Your Hashtags

You can use line breaks so that they’re hidden behind a “see more,” like @theazereads. 

 Hide Hashtags in Your First Comment

Or, you can put your hashtags in the first comment of your photo, like @michellereadsbooks.

Tailwind’s Hashtags in First Comment tool automatically posts all your hashtags in the first comment when your Instagram photo is posted, to keep everything clean and looking good.

How to Find Relevant Instagram Hashtags

Find yourself struggling to find Instagram hashtags that are niche and relevant to your posts? We cover step-by-step tips on how to strategically find hashtags that are most relevant to your brand!

How to Save Hashtags for Instagram Posts in Seconds

Looking for the best Instagram hashtags? Learn an easy way to find, save and organize Instagram hashtags that matter to your business here!

The only Instagram Hashtag Tools You'll Ever Need

Instagram Hashtag Tools

Hashtags are way too important to Instagram marketing success to be an afterthought. These hashtag tools will increase your reach AND save you time!

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