How to Block on Pinterest and Hide Pins From Unwanted Users

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How to Block on Pinterest and Hide Pins from Unwanted Users

There’s a feature to let you Report or Block someone on Pinterest, and it’s going to change the way businesses think about Pinterest Marketing.

Pinterest’s block feature significantly reduces spam and improves content quality on the visual search engine.

The block button allows users to avoid tons of irrelevant content in the their feeds. It also positions Pinterest to provide a more relevant, hyper-targeted content stream compared to other social platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

Pinterest is all about you and what inspires you. That’s why it’s important that you have control of your Pinterest experience. We’ve always offered basic features to control things like the emails you receive, social networking sites you connect your Pinterest account with, and the ability to report pins.

Today, we’re adding a couple of new features people have requested to give you more control, including the ability to block and report a user and more granular email settings.

-Statement from Dannie Chu, Pinterest Software Engineer

Blocking Changes Pinterest Marketing for Business (for the Better)

Why is letting someone block others on Pinterest so important for brands?  It gives you much more control over the content you see on feeds and in search.

Blocking others could mean you get slightly lower reach for anything you Pin.  However, as a brand or business marketing on Pinterest, this also means you’re more likely to reach people who may engage with your content.

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When you block some undesirable followers, your fanbase might not be as large, or grow as quickly as on Twitter or Facebook, but each fan will be massively more valuable to you.

Pinterest > Twitter and Facebook

We already know that Pinterest drives about 14x more referrals per user than Twitter and 12.5x more referrals per user than Facebook…

However, it’s becoming clear that when it comes to overall value per follower, Pinterest has an even larger advantage over Facebook and Twitter, and it will only continue to widen the gap.

How to Block People on Pinterest and Remove their Pins from Your Stream

Blocking people on Pinterest is pretty simple, although the dashboard has changed a bit. You won’t see the small flag icon in the bottom right corner of someone’s profile anymore.

Instead, you’ll have to go to the Pinterest users profile and click the more button (…) and select block from the drop-down menu.

You also have the option to report this person if they are posting inappropriate content.

How to Block Someone on Pinterest

When you block someone on Pinterest do they know?

  • The blocked user is NOT automatically notified of the block.  However, they see a notification if they try to follow you or interact with your pins.

What happens when you block someone on Pinterest:

  • The block is mutual –  The person you block will not be able to follow you or interact with your pins, and you will no longer be able to follow them or interact with their pins.
  • Automatic Unfollow – If you are already following this person, or they are following you, blocking them will cause you both to automatically unfollow each other.
  • Comments Removed – Any previous comments between you and the other person will be automatically removed.
What Happens When You Block Someone on Pinterest
  • Repins and Likes are NOT automatically removed – You will no longer be able to repin or like any of each other’s pins from that point forward, but previous repins and likes will remain.  If you want to remove those, you will be able to unlike or delete pins individually.
  • In Public Areas only, you might still see their boards and Pins:
    • Search results

How to Unblock Someone on Pinterest

Changed your mind about blocking someone on Pinterest? It’s easy to reverse the decision. Here’s how to unblock on Pinterest:

  • Go to the blocked Pinterest users profile
  • Click the more button (…)
  • Click Unblock

You’ll now have the option to follow that user again, as well as interact with their pins!

How to Unblock Someone on Pinterest

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How to Block on Pinterest and Hide Pins From Unwanted Users

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