Introducing AI Content Suggestions for Copilot: Tailwind’s Latest Innovation to Streamline Marketing for Small Businesses

A couple of months ago we released Copilot – the tool that makes marketing your business easy because it tells you exactly what marketing to create and when. We like to say it’s like having a personal trainer for your marketing. Our users love it:

Then, just a few weeks later, we launched Ghostwriter AI – the AI writer for small business marketers. Tailwind Ghostwriter generates extremely high-quality, “ready-to-post” copy for social posts, email campaigns, website copy, product descriptions, and more (we have over 50 AI content tools and more are being released every week!). Again, our users love it:

Now, we’ve taken these two revolutionary, time-saving features and integrated them to create a GIANT leap forward in our mission to empower all small business owners to create better marketing faster and easier.

We’re excited to announce “AI Content Suggestions for Copilot.” 

So, what exactly is AI Content Suggestions for Copilot?

Copilot gives small businesses a personalized marketing plan that takes into account their business type, time available for marketing, and more to create smart marketing plans for social media and email.

Our users LOVE how Copilot guides them on exactly what marketing to create and when. It suggests creative ideas for posts and emails so they never have to wonder what to do next.

But, what if Copilot – the personal trainer for your marketing – could do more than just tell you what to do? What if the personal trainer could help you get started? What if it could even do most of the hard work for you? What if it gave you exactly what you needed?

We immediately got to work on another HUGE advance in the content creation workflow by integrating Copilot with our advanced AI technology, Ghostwriter AI.

This one truly is a game-changer. Why is this so valuable?

Before we released AI content suggestions for Copilot, Copilot would give you personalized suggestions for content like:

Really helpful, right? Copilot literally tells you what content you should create.

But now it does even more of the hard work for you. If you log into your account and click on some of your Copilot suggestions, you’ll notice that some of them have a new “Generate Suggestions” button:

Click the button to instantly generate tailored content for that prompt:

Many of these suggestions factor in your exact business type to create content suggestions tailored to your niche and audience. The AI will generate entirely unique content for your business and audience versus, say, an Etsy jewelry store.

So, how can you use AI Content Suggestions with Ghostwriter AI to enhance your marketing campaigns?

Generate ideas for new content

If you’re struggling to come up with fresh ideas for your social media or email marketing campaigns, AI Content Suggestions is a lifesaver. With just a click of a button, you can get access to a wide range of content suggestions that are tailored to your brand, audience, and marketing goals. You can use these suggestions as a starting point to brainstorm new ideas for your marketing campaigns.

Dramatically speed up content creation

Creating high-quality content can be time-consuming, but with AI Content Suggestions, you can create content 20x faster. The AI algorithms analyze your business, audience, and marketing objectives to come up with targeted content suggestions that you can use as is or modify to suit your specific needs. This way, you can create high-quality content in record time, freeing up more time to focus on other important aspects of your business.

Eliminate guesswork & optimize your social media posts

Social media can be a powerful tool for building brand awareness and driving engagement, but creating effective social media posts can be a challenge. With AI Content Suggestions, you can generate ideas and actual “ready-to-post” content for social media posts and emails. This can help you create more engaging and effective social media posts that drive likes, comments, and shares as well as email campaigns that get opened, read, and clicked.

How do you get started with AI Content Suggestions with Ghostwriter AI?

Getting started with AI Content Suggestions is simple and it’s already available in your account. Just click on prompt suggestions on your weekly calendar view and look for the “Generate Suggestions” button. Give it a click and our advanced Ghostwriter AI will analyze information we’ve collected about your business and suggest relevant, engaging content for your audience.

Note that not all Copilot content prompts are integrated with Ghostwriter yet. We’ll be rolling out AI content suggestions for more Copilot prompts as time goes on.

AI and humans: better together

AI Content Suggestions with Ghostwriter AI is truly a game-changer for small business owners who want to streamline their content creation workflow and create high-quality content in record time.

At Tailwind, we’re investing heavily in AI because we know it’s an important tool for making small business marketing easier, faster, and more effective. By leveraging the power of AI, business owners can quickly create content that resonates with their target audience, drives engagement and conversions, and helps them stay ahead of the competition.

AI helps us create faster and be more productive. It doesn’t replace you or make marketing irrelevant. Rather, it’s a way to enhance your marketing and jump start your creative process. It’s a way to quickly get a first draft as a starting point, generate ideas and thought starters, or get unstuck when you’re stuck.

So why not give it a try today and see how AI Content Suggestions can help you take your marketing campaigns to the next level?

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Tailwind introduces AI-generated writing tools for social media + email

One of the biggest stumbling blocks in social media marketing we consistently hear about is content creation. After you’ve figured out what to post, and what your image should look like, you’re faced with writing out a caption or description for the post.

Sounds easy enough, right? According to our users, it’s not. In fact, it’s one of the areas most likely to build resentment for social media platforms or lead to avoiding marketing workflows entirely!

Our research participants identified blockers like the amount of time it takes, lack of knowledge or skill in the area of writing, and difficulty coming up with unique ways to get their message across.

Multi-platform marketing is challenging enough for small business owners, without the added cost of struggle, procrastination, or even avoidance when it comes to writing quality copy on multiple social media and email accounts.

Tailwind’s latest feature, Ghostwriter, aims to tackle this problem head-on by giving small business owners a tool to help create keyword-rich, natural-sounding copy for their digital marketing.

Ghostwriter for Instagram Captions

Natural-Sounding AI Copy Tailored to You

You’ll enter a few inputs to Ghostwriter, such as the type of content, what the content is about, keywords and phrases you want to be included, and a CTA of your choosing. Then, Ghostwriter will return three different options for your copy based on those inputs and millions of high-performing social media descriptions (or email subject lines).

You can then tweak these options with quick edits, or use them as is!

Tailwind Ghostwriter enables you to:

  • Use relevant keywords and phrases to help your content become more visible in search
  • Change the tone, style, and approach of your caption based on your preferences and the purpose of your content
  • Easily create high-impact captions that are the perfect length for each platform, and incorporate best practices.
  • Maximize your time creating content, and power through brain fog and writer’s block with ideas and inspiration for future posts
  • Write natural-sounding copy if English is your second language
Ghostwriter for Pinterest Descriptions

Write Better Copy in Less Time

Tailwind Ghostwriter removes the blockers that have set you back from creating frequent, quality content to market your business.

Use our AI-based technology to generate natural-sounding, engaging captions and descriptions in half the time. 

You can start from almost done, rather than staring at a blank page racking your brain for inspiration that doesn’t seem to want to come!

Hundreds of Tailwind members are already using Ghostwriter successfully to uplevel their Pinterest descriptions, Instagram captions, and Email subject lines!

How to Use Tailwind Ghostwriter

Using Ghostwriter is super easy. Simply upload your social image to Tailwind, and on the screen where you input your caption, description, or subject line, simply click “Ghostwrite for Me.”

You’ll input the type of content you’re publishing (think: informational, promotion or sale, educational, etc.) Then you’ll put a few words in detailing what your content is about (ex: lavender bath bombs or traveling!)

Next, add any keywords or phrases that you want to be sure to include, and any CTAs as necessary. Then, click Generate! Ghostwriter will return three different possible captions for you to choose from, tweak, and then add to your social media post.

You’ll love the confidence and ease Ghostwriter adds to your marketing copy. And the best news? Ghostwriter is included on all forever-free plans of Tailwind!

Ghostwriter for Email Subject Lines

What Tailwind Members Are Saying

Spoiler alert- if our beta testing results didn’t give it away, our members are already loving the new Tailwind Ghostwriter tool! Member Gina Clark of Gina Clark Creative summed it up best:

Can’t wait to try it out yourself? We don’t blame you. Sign up for a forever-free plan using your favorite platform, and start experimenting with our new generative AI tool in Tailwind!

Tailwind offers easy-to-use, personalized marketing plans with Copilot

Multi-platform marketing is a challenge for small business owners. Unlike your established brand competitors, you might not have the resources to hire dedicated marketing professionals to help you!

So what happens? You have to wear all the hats. Sales, order fulfillment, management, marketing… the list goes on. All that hard work doesn’t leave you a lot of time to become a marketing professional on the fly.

In fact, when we surveyed our users, we found that 46% of small business owners only have 0-5 hours of available time for marketing in a week. In contrast, the average marketing professional spends 16 hours a week just on routine tasks alone!

And that’s marketing professionals, who probably also don’t spend hours grappling with indecision and uncertainty about what to do, much less learning marketing tactics through trial and error. 

Small business owners rarely are marketing professionals, so it’s safe to say all that extra time learning and practicing marketing strategies eats up a lot more than those 5 hours per week. Not to mention, trying to keep up with the latest trends in digital marketing that seem to change every minute! 

Tailwind’s latest feature Copilot aims to tackle these problems head-on by giving small business owners the exact tools they need to market confidently on more channels in less time.

Personalized Marketing Plans Tailored to Your Unique Business

With Copilot, you’ll answer a series of questions about your business, marketing experience, and time available.

Then, you’ll receive an interactive personalized marketing plan that targets each stage of the customer journey- through awareness, consideration, and conversion campaigns.

Tailwind Copilot

Tailwind Copilot enables you to:

  • Receive recommended campaigns customized to your business type and time available.
  • See detailed post suggestions for each part of the campaign, complete with prompts and real-world post examples from other small businesses to inspire you.
  • Create social media posts – and emails! – from hundreds of designs personalized to your brand in seconds.
  • Seamlessly schedule and publish your newly created content in one easy-to-use workflow.
  • Manage your marketing with a calendar view that shows you your upcoming marketing actions so you’re never caught off guard with nothing to post
  • Receive helpful email reminders to keep your marketing plan on track
  • Act on marketing best practices and industry-specific strategies so you’re spending your limited time on the most impactful marketing

Get Better Results From Your Marketing in Less Time

Using Tailwind Copilot removes the blockers that have set you back from the most impactful marketing for your business. Create and publish content guided by prompts and proven examples to remove the guessing game of what works! 

And the best part – your marketing is fitted to your schedule, not the other way around.

Let Tailwind plan your marketing for you by taking our 1-minute personalization survey (it really takes just one minute!), or visiting Tailwind’s Copilot page to learn more.

Want to hear from one of our members using Copilot? Jackie from Midnight City Tarot launched a product with Tailwind, and relies on Copilot to keep her social channels fresh.

Behind the Scenes with the Tailwind Team: Copilot