Tailwind’s 2023 Year in Review

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Without a doubt, 2023 will be remembered as the year AI took the world by storm. Generative AI has made its way into almost every app and forever changed how marketing is created and distributed. 

And, the AI revolution is just getting started!  

AI is especially relevant to us here at Tailwind because it aligns so perfectly with our goal of making world class marketing easy for everyone. 

Which is why… 

Tailwind led the AI revolution for small businesses

With our acquisition of Nectar 9 in 2022, we had an early jump on AI, releasing Ghostwriter AI for social marketing at the tail end of 2022. We quickly followed that up with over 50 + time-saving AI marketing tools in the first half of 2023. 

But, we wondered, “Can AI do even more for small businesses?” We pondered the potential of AI and considered what the future of marketing might look like in a post-AI world. 

What came out of that is a paradigm-shifting new approach to marketing for small businesses called…

Tailwind’s “Made for You” marketing takes you out of the weeds and puts you back in the CEO chair where you can make the most impact on your business. 

It’s an entirely new approach to marketing your business. AI isn’t just helping you create bits and pieces of your marketing, like the copy or images, it’s actually creating complete, ready-to-use marketing assets for you. 

Tailwind can do this because… 

Tailwind’s AI learns about your business

When you sign up for Tailwind, you’ll submit your website and that’s where the magic begins.

Tailwind immediately scans your website to learn everything it can about:

  • Your business
  • Your products
  • Your customers
  • Your marketing

It stores this information and intelligently applies it to produce 100% personalized marketing that’s tailored to your audience and exactly matches your brand. 

Done-for-you, ready-to-use social marketing & paid ads for ecommerce stores

After signing up, you’ll see a dozen ready-to-post “Made For You” social posts featuring your products and written with your brand voice right on your Tailwind Dashboard:

Just select the ones you like, and you can schedule them to Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook:

Social marketing = done. And, you just signed up for Tailwind 10 minutes ago! 

This probably sounds incredible but you don’t want to turn your marketing over to AI and ignore it. You don’t want your marketing to lose your personal touch or become misaligned with your brand. 

We understand! Which is why “Made for You” marketing is…. 

AI enhanced” marketing, not “AI controlled…”

With Tailwind’s “Made for You” marketing you’re always in control. You aren’t handing over the keys to AI and letting it auto-post for you. 

Think of it as having your own personal team of marketers submitting ready-to-use marketing for your approval. 

  • Your Social Media Manager gives you a list of engaging posts they’ve created. You approve the ones you love and reject the ones you don’t and they make sure they’re scheduled at the best times for maximum reach and engagement.  
  • Your Paid Ads Manager gives you an up-to-the-minute update on your ad performance and suggests 3 new ads to set live to promote other products.
  • Your Content Manager gives you drafts of blog posts, a suggested script for new YouTube and TikTok videos, and an email campaign. 

This is why we say “Tailwind is the tool that feels like a marketing team.” With Tailwind you’re able to review the personalized “Made for You” marketing it creates and quickly schedule what you choose to so you can turn your attention onto all the other plates you have spinning. 

If you haven’t already, sign up for your free Tailwind plan and give “Made for You” marketing a try. We think you’ll be impressed. 

And, this was just one of our many marketing breakthroughs this year! We also released:

Truly personalized AI content that matches your brand

Our next innovation was creating personalized AI generated copy that’s tailored to your business. It’s AI copy that really sounds like YOU wrote it – because Ghostwriter AI uses what it learned about your business, products, customers, and marketing to create custom copy that matches your brand voice and resonates with your audience!

So, if your brand leans toward whimsical, upbeat, and friendly, the copy Ghostwriter produces will reflect that. If your brand is more professional, helpful, and authoritative, Ghostwriter will match that. 

Give Personalized Ghostwriter copy a try >

The easiest way to get started with paid advertising

We’re constantly having one-on-one conversations with our customers to learn about the problems they’re facing, what their needs are, etc. This is how we help small business owners like you be more successful. 

One recurring theme we hear is: small businesses want more targeted traffic to their sites which is why we created Tailwind Ads. Currently in Beta and only available to ecommerce businesses (for now), Ads is yet another game-changer. Most small businesses know that paid ads are a scalable source of targeted traffic but struggle with the steep learning curve and achieving a positive ROI. 

Advertising platforms are generally designed for professional marketers so they’re very powerful, but that can also make them confusing and challenging to learn. There are hundreds of settings to be tweaked, the interfaces are often cluttered, and generating useful reports can be complicated.

With Tailwind Ads, anyone can get quickly started with paid advertising because:

  • Tailwind creates your ads for you – Tailwind Ads creates unique ads using your products and automatically incorporates best practices to create ads that work. This means you can get a successful campaign running even if you have no experience and aren’t a skilled copywriter. 
  • Tailwind automatically manages your budget – AI is especially good at ad optimization because it can monitor your ad performance 24/7, digest all that data, and instantly make micro-adjustments to how your budget is invested so your ad spend is always invested into your best performing ads and away from underperformers. 

Tailwind makes creating and running Meta and Google ads an accessible, scalable way to grow your business with targeted traffic. 

Get started with Tailwind Ads >

On demand product-focused marketing for ecommerce

With the new Products Dashboard Beta, ecommerce stores can pull their entire product catalog into Tailwind and quickly create “Made for You” social posts and paid ads to promote specific products. 

It’s the easiest way to create marketing for your products. In 2024 we’ll be adding even more functionality to make generating your ecommerce marketing faster and easier. 

AI generated copy for all your marketing

Tailwind’s Ghostwriter AI takes care of copy for almost every type of marketing you’ll need to create.

A few of our customer’s favorites:

  • The blog post wizard: Go from idea to finished post in less than 5 minutes.
  • Social post generator: Get ready-to-post drafts for your social posts.
  • Marketing chatbot: Get marketing advice and guidance from a knowledgeable AI marketing expert.

And, with the Tailwind AI browser extensions, you can take Ghostwriter with you and generate the copy you need from anywhere.

Get started with Ghostwriter AI >

The Monthly Calendar View & drag-and-drop social scheduling

Get a bird’s eye view of your upcoming marketing so you can plan ahead and see what’s next — fast! Quickly switch between your weekly and monthly view with a single click. 

Plans change and that’s why we’ve added drag-and-drop functionality to your content calendar. Quickly move scheduled posts to different days so your social strategy stays agile and adaptable. 

Reschedule posts fast with SmartSchedule or set a custom time without leaving the calendar view, shaving precious time off your planning process. No more jumping between screens; just seamless scheduling at your fingertips.

Try out the new Dashboard calendar >

Custom Copilot Tasks: Plan ALL Your Marketing with Tailwind

Our customers are in love with Tailwind’s tailored content suggestions. Whether you run an ecommerce business or you’re an influencer, Tailwind Copilot gives you ideas for engaging posts so you never run out of ideas and you always know what marketing to create next. It makes planning your marketing a breeze. 

But, what if you want to set up a reminder to post that new Tiktok video or send an email campaign?

With Custom Copilot tasks you can capture all your marketing todos in a single place making Tailwind the dashboard for your marketing. 

Get Started with Your Marketing Copilot >

Generate AI Images in Create

With Create, you can instantly create dozens of pro-quality social designs with a single click. This year we made Create even better by integrating an AI image generator tool. 

With AI images, the only limit is your imagination. 

Get started with AI images in Create >

And those are just the highlights! We released dozens of smaller updates and refinements:

  • A completely redesigned sidebar menu makes navigating Tailwind faster and easier so you can quickly find the tool you need. 
  • Frictionless uploads” lets you start a new post with fewer clicks to streamline the post creation process.
  • New users can hit the ground running with our “Learn Tailwind” walkthrough for new users. It’s never been easier to learn Tailwind. 

If you haven’t already, create your free Tailwind account and get started.

2024 Promises to be even better… 

In 2023, we laid a strong foundation that we’ll be building on in 2024 to continue revolutionizing small business marketing with our unique “Made for You” approach.

With Tailwind driving your marketing, you can be sure you’re on the cutting edge of the latest and greatest advancements and you can be sure we’re releasing tools to help you get your marketing done faster and get better results than ever so you can grow!

See you in 2024!

White lettering on a blue background that says In 2023 we...

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