How to Save Hashtags for Instagram Posts in Seconds

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Find, Save, and Organize the Best Hashtags For Instagram

Do you have a problem keeping your digital assets organized to post on Instagram?

At Tailwind, we’re committed to making your social life as easy and productive as possible. You told us what a pain it is to save the best hashtags on Instagram.

You also told us how important it is to use those hashtags consistently without wasting a ton of time.

How much time do you spend searching for the right hashtags for your scheduled Instagram posts and tapping them one-by-one into your phone screen?

Hashtags are a crucial part of your Instagram marketing strategy and help boost the engagement of your posts!

With our recommended methods, you’ll be able to easily save Instagram hashtags in lists within seconds!

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Option 1: Manually Save Hashtags For Instagram In Your Notes

Plenty of Instagram marketers already save time by copying and pasting lists of their most-used hashtags from notes on their phone.

Many Instagrammers use pre-selected groups of hashtags for their posts which they’ll add/remove on the fly depending on the post.

These hashtags are often-times researched and saved on their iPhone Notes section, email, or Evernote on their desktop computer. We call these “hashtag lists.”

How to Copy Hashtags from Instagram Posts

If you’re looking to use this method, here’s how to copy hashtags from Instagram posts and paste them into your notes.

Important note: you can’t select and copy hashtag lists in the Instagram mobile app. Tapping and holding down a hashtag in the app will only show you a preview of that specific hashtag.

You aren’t able to copy and paste hashtags from the Instagram mobile app.
Pressing a hashtag to try to select will instead show you a preview of that hashtag.

However, you can highlight, copy and paste captions and hashtags in your desktop Instagram browser!

Although you can't highlight and select hashtags in the Instagram mobile app to save to a hashtag list, you can use your Instagram desktop browser to do this.

Once you’ve copied your hashtag list from Instagram, you can paste the selected text in your Notes app (or if you are working from a PC, send the selected text via email or text message to get it to your phone.)

Option 2: Save Hashtags with Tailwind’s Hashtag Lists (Easiest Method!)

Our next recommended method is the easiest way to not only save hashtags but also edit and schedule your optimized Instagram posts!

With Tailwind’s Hashtag List tool, you can now save as many hashtag lists as you’d like right in our app and add them to your Instagram posts with one quick click, either from desktop or your phone. What a time saver!

No more looking through phone notes or going into a different app to find your hashtags.

Tailwind for Instagram is built to work the way you do for Instagram posting right on your phone!

Here’s how to save hashtags for Instagram with Hashtag Lists in 5 easy steps:

Step 1: Add hashtag lists to your Tailwind account

Once you’re logged in to Tailwind for Instagram, create a draft of a post and search for hashtags relevant to your image. You can add up to thirty hashtags per list (which is the limit of hashtags per post on Instagram.

Once you’ve hunted down all those hashtags, tap the # button!

Step 2: Add your hashtag list

Now click the # and then the + to add a new hashtag list. This gives you the option to save your current caption – hashtags and all!

Or if you just want the hashtags, select the text of your caption to remove it, leaving just those hashtags.

Name your hashtag list, and then click “Save Hashtag List” to save Instagram hashtags to use on similar content!

Step 3: Add your post on your schedule

Happy with your newly saved hashtag list? Finish writing your caption and add your post to your schedule by selecting one of the proposed times from our Smart Schedule tool.

Step 4: Post to Instagram Adding Your Hashtag List

If You Have Auto Post Enabled

Scheduling photos and videos with hashtag lists couldn’t be easier, especially if you have Tailwind’s Auto Posting feature enabled!

Simply make sure Auto Post (only compatible with Business Accounts) is selected at the top of your post draft before scheduling your post.

This means we’ll post on your behalf, and send your content to Instagram at the selected time without you having to do anything!

Bonus: you can leave your Hashtag List in the caption, or tick the “Post hashtags in first comment” box to have your hashtags pulled from your main caption and instead appear in the first comment of your post.

This way, everything is neat, tidy and still appears in relevant hashtag feeds.

Keep in mind that you do need a Business account for both of these features to work. So if you’re on the fence on whether to switch your account type, read our breakdown of the benefits of an Instagram Business account!

If You Don’t Have a Business Account

At the top of your draft screen, you have the option to select Mobile Notification.

When you select this option and schedule, you’ll receive a push notification to your phone reminding you that it’s time to post.

(Reminder: Download Tailwind App for iOS or Android)!

Tap the notification to be taken to your Tailwind App, double-check your post, and then hit the “Post to Instagram button.

Your full caption and Hashtag List will be copied to your phone, and you can tap to paste in the Caption field on your Instagram post before publishing.

Easy peasy!

How to Find Hashtags to Add to Your Lists:

Stumped on which hashtags to add to your lists? Use our Hashtag Finder tool!

Simply begin typing your caption in your draft, and watch the Hashtag Finder populate hashtag suggestions in real-time to the right based on your typed words.

how to find hashtags for instagram - Tailwind's hashtag finder tool populates Instagram hashtag suggestions in real time and allows you to save them easily.

These hashtags are color-coded by competitiveness. Niche, Good, Best, and Competitive!

Selecting a mix of all of the above increases your chances of getting more eyeballs on your posts.

Aim for a majority of Good and Best with a few sprinkles from Niche and Competitive.

Want to try it for yourself? Grab a [sc name = ‘free-trial-of-Tailwind-for-Instagram’]. 30 free posts are included with full access to our tools! And the best part is – no credit card required!

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