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Friday Pinterest Quick Tip Blocking Accounts

Last summer I heard a story about a woman whose fiance’s ex-wife was following her on Pinterest. As the woman pinned things to help her plan her wedding the ex-wife would repin them. Needless to say, the woman was frustrated by this but there was nothing she could do. Last summer there was no way to block users from following you or seeing your pins.


That has changed. Pinterest recently implemented the block user option. This allows you to block specific people from following your account and repining your pins.  The story of the bride-to-be isn’t an isolated story, I’ve heard of many others wanting to block others from their account too. Cheers to Pinterest for listening to their users!


How to Block Someone on Pinterest


From the users main profile page you will see a small flag in the bottom right corner of the profile description box. When you hover over it, the flag will turn red and a drop-down list will appear. The option to block them is at the very bottom of the list.



This is also where you can report a user  for misusing Pinterest or pinning inappropriate content.  According to the Pinterest official blog,  the Pinterest community will be notified when an account has been reported and will review the account.

Blocking does not have to be permanent. If you go back to an account that has been perviously blocked you will find an unblock option.


For more information you can visit the Pinterest support page here.

What feature would you like to see Pinterest implement next?


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  1. Avatar

    Hi how do I stop getting other ppls diet stuff flooding my feed? I truly hate pics of chicks doing the before and after stuff…. Aarrrggggg!,,

    • Avatar

      The easiest way is to unfollow the board that those images are being pinned to. Click on one of the offending pins to enlarge it then scroll underneath it and click on the boards name then click unfollow.

      Hope this helps, thanks for stopping by!

  2. Avatar
    Carla Zrilanka

    I also am tired of seeing weight loss ads every day. It seems like spam to me. When I go to pinners boards, they all have the same four boards created and they are all generic. Please come up with a way we do not have to see all these ads for weight loss gimmicks. Thank you.

  3. Avatar

    How do I remove my pins individually from someone’s board after I’ve blocked them? Thanks.

    • Avatar

      Hi Julie, unfortunately you can not remove your pins from someone else’s account.

  4. Avatar

    Why are people from my facebook on my news on pinterest? We are not following one another. Is there a way to clear this “news”. I hate seeing what people from fb are pinning or liking. If I wanted to know I’d follow them. Please tell me there is a way to stop this??

  5. Avatar

    How do I unblock someone, pinterest’s help center says to go to their profile but I can’t see the person. I blocked them!!

    • Avatar

      I’m having the same problem please help

  6. Avatar
    Lisa M.

    I want to unblock someone and I already asked the question and someone responded BUT when I go to the profile and click on the gear button I only have two options. 1. Send this Profile 2. Report this Profile. There is no Unblock button.
    Someone from Pinterest told me to click on Report this Pinner but all it did was report them. ugh! lol.
    Can you help me?

    • Avatar

      Hi Lisa,

      That seems to be glitch in the Pinterest system. Unfortunately I don’t know how to get around it. Sorry.

  7. Avatar
    Heatherann felix

    Hi. I recently set my daughter up with a Pinterest account because she is very creative. I like that I am able to see everything she pins. However, I didn’t think about the the Santa and elf on the shelf things, she still believes! I know there is a way to block a person but is there a way to block certain types if pins? I would hate to delete her account. Help!!

    • Avatar


      Thanks for the question. There really isn’t a way to block particular types of pins. With four kids myself I know what a challenge it is to keep up with all they do online.

  8. Avatar

    I blocked an ex-boyfriend on Pinterest who has been internet stalking me ever since we broke up in August. This morning, he showed up in my feed as one of the ’48 people’ now following me. . .yet it shows that he’s blocked! How can he follow me if he’s blocked? Is there anything I can do besides reporting him and the situation to Pinterest? (Along with not pinning until the situation clears?) His pattern is to show up in my feed, and then to begin commenting on my pins in a way that is clearly intended to upset me. It’s a matter of time before that starts again. He’s also incredibly savvy with computers/code/internet/etc., so if he’s found a way around Pinterest, I’m concerned he may try to hack other things, too. Aside from the usual common sense stuff that one employs for dealing with harassment and stalking, is there anything specific to Pinterest that can be done?

    • Avatar


      I’m so sorry to hear that you have to deal with something like this. Unfortunately, it seems like he’s working around the system in some way. Maybe he’s opening new accounts with different email addresses to avoid being blocked? I think th only option you do have is to report it to Pinterest or perhaps to open a new account yourself under a different name.

      I hate how sometimes the bad guys win in situations like these. 🙁

  9. Avatar
    Matthew J.

    I’m using arcvpn to unblock online TV and content.

  10. Avatar

    I blocked a person on Pinterest but accidentally liked one of their pins.. Will they be notified?

  11. Avatar

    Does anyone go through Pinterest and check for inappropriate content, like porn? Sure are a lot more sites. When my granddaughter is looking for crafts, she should not be seeing body parts doing their “thing”.

  12. Avatar

    Is there a way to completely privatize my Pinterest account without blocking everyone individually? I don’t want others seeing what I pin then wanting to discuss it with me. “So how did you like the ab work out?” Or did you try the cleansing diet yet?” Those are sample questions that are seriously bothering me! I don’t want to be forced into creating another account with an undetectable name. Is this fixable for me? What I chose to pin and read about on Pinterest is my business, not the business of others who have no life other than to watch what I’m pinning! Pls help me just enjoy Pinterest privately.

    • Avatar

      why not create some secret boards on your account?

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