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In this week’s episode

I talk about using the new Pinterest messaging feature and I also talk with blogger and freelance writer Karen Cordaway.  Karen was an early adopter of Pinterest and was recently chosen by Pinterest to have her account featured.

Karen and I talk about her strategies for using Pinterest for her blog, The Money Saving Enthusiast. She also shares some money and time-saving tips for business owners.

Pinterest messaging

As amazing as Pinterest is for connecting people with their interests and driving traffic, it has lacked in the communications department.  It DID, but not any longer, Pinterest gets more social by adding a direct messaging system! On August 6, 2014 Pinterest messaging made it’s debut. It has been a highly requested feature and pinners around the world rejoiced.

Below is a a screen shot of how it looks on the web version of Pinterest and it is available on mobile apps too.

For more information and screenshots of the new Pinterest messaging feature click here.


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