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How to See Individual Repin Counts Rather than Aggregate Repins

How To See Individual Repin Counts

Back in Spring of 2016 Pinterest rolled out a change that meant users no longer saw the individual repin count for their Pins, but saw instead an aggregate of all of the repins that Pin had received across Pinterest.  

Pinterest’s Help Center announced the change saying:

You’ll now see the total number of repins and likes the Pin has gotten across all of Pinterest (before you only saw how many people saved your copy of that Pin).

The change was celebrated by many, but some felt that it made it hard to judge how successful individual Pins were.

We thought it might be time to remind those of you looking to see how well your pins are performing on your boards only that you can still see that data with Tailwind’s Pin Inspector Tool.

The Change from Individual Repins to Aggregate Repins

At the beginning of 2016 a Pinterest user could look at a Pin on their board and see that it had been repinned from their board say, 10 times.   But that number was not an accurate representation of the popularity of the Pin.  To fix that, Pinterest switched from showing individual repins to the aggregate of all of the repins that Pin had received across the network.

Suddenly nearly every Pin looked a lot more popular.

Summary Pins Example

Today individual Pins from boards still get “credit” for their share of the total engagement generated.  In addition great content is rewarded, which is great for everyone, because it’s easier for all users to tell just how popular any given pin is across Pinterest. 

How Individual Repins Look on Pin Inspector

While Pinterest has moved to show only aggregate repins, we’re happy to report that Tailwind continues to show individual Pin data.  That means you can still use Tailwind to tell whether your Pins are gaining traction and getting repinned and what boards and descriptions work best for you.

Pin Inspector Screenshot Shows Individual Repins not Aggregate Repins

As always, you can sign up for a free trial to try out Pin Inspector on up to 250 of your most recent Pins.  Or existing members can login to their dashboard where they’ll find Pin Inspector under the “Optimize Content” dropdown.

Pin Inspector in the Tailwind Dashboard

Have other questions about aggregate Repins? Let us know in the comments! 

How To See Individual Repin Counts
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