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How to Plan Your Instagram Grid (The Tips You Need!)

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Victoria Storm

When Instagram users see your content, the first thing they’ll do is click on your profile (you hope).

Your profile is your first chance to make an impression! People get clues about your account from your profile photo, bio, and especially your grid. 🔍

Having a random-looking, unattractive grid is like inviting people into your house when it’s dirty. The grid should be your best foot forward! 🦶

Today we’re giving tips on getting the best and most cohesive grid.

You’ll never have a disorganized feed, an unclear theme, or random-feeling content again! 🎉

1. Choose your Instagram Color Palette

An easy way to keep your grid cohesive is with a consistent color scheme.

When choosing a color palette for your account, start about your brand colors, your environment, or your preferences.

For example, if you ran a surf account, it would be easy to have blue in all your Instagram photos because you’re near the ocean! 🏄‍♂️🌊

Or if pink was your favorite color, it would be easy to get pink in every frame because you’re probably surrounded by it! 🎀

@milk is keeping to a dark and cool color palette. Their images are dark or shadowy and almost every picture has a cool hue like blue or purple featured predominately. 

In contrast, @thenimetyou has a stricter color palette, focusing mostly on blue with yellow as a secondary color!

Both examples have a unified and impressive-looking grid. This proves that it matters less how strict your theme is, and more that you keep consistency. 

2. Pick Your Main Instagram Content Types

Another way to make your grid cohesive is to feature the same kind of content.

This works especially well if your account has a specific niche or product, like outfit photos, books, or travel photos!

@thesartorialist is a fashion photographer, so he uses his Instagram to post portraits.

Even though his photos vary in color, the grid looks cohesive because the photos have similar composition and content. 

@glowrecipe interprets this content idea more loosely.

Almost every photo features one of their products, but not every single one.

Almost every photo features pink and purple, but not every photo.

However, because they’re mostly consistent with content and color palette, they can be more playful with each!

Their grid isn’t perfectly uniform in color or content, but it still looks cohesive. 

If you’re stumped on what kind of content would bring your grid together, check out our Instagram content plan to attract followers

3. Decide On Your Instagram Grid Layout

You can also keep things cohesive that you with all different types of content, by having a go-to pattern or filter.

@ioegreer has a stylistic pattern, putting white borders around his photos.

These boxes bring together the disparate colors and contents of his photos, making them appear to be all part of the same idea. 

Choosing a filter or pattern to apply to your whole feed will make all your photos seem connected and working together to represent your brand!

This helps keep your feed from appearing random and fragmented.

Using a grid Instagram planner will let you see every photo in your grid before posting! It’s an awesome way to check your whole grid pattern and theme.

Need some more inspiration? Check out our roundup of the best Instagram themes!

Start Scheduling Your Posts to Instagram

If you want to grow your Instagram account and see results, you need the best tools in your arsenal: an Instagram grid planner. 🛠️

Tailwind lets your quickly plan and schedule your grid with our 9-grid Preview Tool. You can drag and drop your posts, effortlessly arranging them to create the best grid possible.

Our app is ALSO structured for growing your engagement. You can find the best hashtags for your audience to grow your reach 💪.

Then schedule your individual posts at an optimized time to make get as many eyes on it as possible 👀.

Check out Tailwind’s grid planner app to see the difference!

Start a Free Trial of Tailwind for Instagram!

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