5 Reasons Pinterest’s Search Engine is Better than Google’s

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Google is a search engine monopoly, there is no question about it. But are there areas where it is lacking — at least in comparison to other services. 

One of those “gaps” is image search and overall image ideas discovery, as this is an area where Pinterest shines the most! 

The platform’s visual search technology, powered by advanced algorithms, stands out from your typical Google search.

Advanced Image Recognition

Pinterest’s search engine is equipped with a tool called Lens. It allows you to snap a picture of an object and then finds similar items or themes throughout the platform. 

The image recognition tech is robust; it understands shapes and colors, and matches them to pictures with similar aesthetics. This means when you’re looking for something specific, like a teal chevron throw pillow, your search results will be spot on.

  • Shapes: Matches geometric forms in your photo with similar patterns on Pinterest.
  • Colors: Finds and suggests pins with color palettes that match your image.

Guided Search for Discovery

Once you’ve captured an image, Pinterest’s search engine doesn’t leave you to sort through results alone. Instead, you get Guided Search, a feature that suggests relevant terms and categories to help you narrow down your quest.

  • Relevant Terms: Suggests keywords to refine search results.
  • Categories: Offers broader categories that relate to your image for comprehensive search exploration.

User-Focused Experience

Pinterest provides you with a unique search experience tailored to your personal interests and aesthetics. This approach is what makes it stand out when you’re seeking inspiration for your lifestyle.

Interest-Based Recommendations

When you use Pinterest, it observes your interests based on the boards you create and the pins you save. This information then customizes your feed, ensuring that the content you see is aligned with your tastes.

  • If you pin a lot of recipes, your search results will prioritize food-related content.
  • It shows you pins related to a style you’ve indicated you like, whether it’s in home décor or fashion.

This personalized approach helps you discover more content that resonates with your interests automatically, reducing the need for detailed search queries.

Aesthetic and User-Friendly Design

Pinterest’s design emphasizes visual appeal and ease of use. From an aesthetic standpoint, the platform is clean and inviting, allowing your eyes to comfortably scan through images without overwhelming text.

  • User-Friendly Layout: Pins are neatly organized into columns, making browsing effortless.
  • Visual Consistency: Each pin provides a preview of the content, so you can judge a pin by its cover, helping you decide what’s worth a closer look.

The design also plays a huge role in enhancing your overall user experience, as it prioritizes inspiration and ease of navigation across various lifestyle services.

Content Organization and Relevance

When you’re searching on Pinterest, the focus is on curating and finding content that’s both relevant to your interests and freshly updated. Their unique system structures information in a personal way, ensuring you get the most out of your search.

Utilizing Pins and Boards for Structure

Think of Pinterest as your own digital corkboard. Here, pins represent ideas or projects that catch your eye. You can easily organize these pins into boards, which act like dedicated folders for various topics.

  • Pins: The basic units of content on Pinterest, often rich in visuals and linked to sources.
  • Boards: Collections of pins that you can title and categorize, creating a thematic repository.

This structure lets you compartmentalize different interests — from your favorite recipes to home decor ideas — making content discovery as specific as you need it to be.

Prioritizing Fresh and Original Content

Pinterest has a way of showing you content that’s not just relevant, but also new and original. You’ll notice that they prioritize:

  • Fresh content: New pins and ideas are more visible, ensuring a stream of current and fresh content.
  • Original content: Unique and first-of-a-kind pins tend to stand out, giving weight to creativity and originality.

The platform’s algorithm favors content not widely circulated elsewhere, so you’re often presented with novel projects and unique ideas that align with your personal taste.

Engagement and Interactivity

Pinterest fuels your engagement by making it super easy for you to take part in the content sharing experience. The platform’s unique design invites you to not only browse but also to interact and connect with others.

Encouraging Action and Sharing

When you stumble upon something you love on Pinterest, you can’t wait to save it to your boards. These repins are more than just “likes”; they’re bookmarks for inspiration that others can see and share.

Thanks to the intuitive voting system, your favorite pins gain more visibility as more people engage with them. This setup nudges you gently towards purchases as well, transforming your inspiration into action with just a few clicks.

You’re not only searching; you’re becoming a part of a vibrant social network.

  • Save: Add pins to your boards
  • Share: Spread the love for your favorite finds
  • Act: Go from pin to purchase effortlessly

Community-Driven Platforms

Everything on Pinterest starts with community. Unlike other search engines, it’s as much about finding as it is about fostering connections.

Your boards can become a hub for shared passions where the engagement runs deep.

The platform’s “love” reactions and comments take the idea of a search engine to a new, social level.

You’re not just finding images; you’re joining a community that inspires action.

  • Connect: Bond over shared interests.
  • Engage: React with “Love,” comments, and more.
  • Inspire: Drive each other to take action.

Business and Marketing Potential

Pinterest’s search engine is uniquely designed with you, the marketer, in mind. It prioritizes discovery over just delivering information, and it equips you with robust tools and analytics to track and boost your engagement.

Tools and Analytics for Marketers

Pinterest provides an impressive suite of analytics tools to help you gauge how your content performs.

You’ll have access to detailed metrics like daily impressions, saves, and click-through rates on your pins.

These tools give you valuable insights into your audience’s behavior, showing not just who’s engaging with your content but how they interact with it.

This level of feedback can help you refine your strategy to ensure you’re investing your money and efforts in the right areas.

Driving Purchases Through Discovery

Pinterest differs from traditional search engines by focusing on visual discovery.

Your products can come to life on Pinterest, showcased in a real-world context that encourages browsers to become buyers.

With features like Pinterest Lens, users can take pictures of objects and find where to purchase them. This directly connects them to your products.

This search through discovery approach puts your offerings in front of the eyes of potential clients who are already interested in what you have to sell.

It’s a more organic and engaging experience for users, which can translate to a higher conversion rate for your business.


It is partially unfair to compare Pinterest to Google based on their visual capabilities, as Pinterest is a visual search engine, so of course it will always come on top.

But Pinterest is not “just” for generating picnic ideas. Their robust ads platform and the fact that the major part of their traffic is Tier 1 makes it a great place to market your service and build your brand. 

Image of the screen of a smartphone showing Pinterest's homepage on a blue background with the blog post title and Tailwind logo in white font.

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