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So, we’ve known about the Pinterest smart feed for a while now. You probably realized this new Pinterest Algorithm changed up how Pinterest works, and that some of your pins weren’t getting as much traffic as they used to. But did you change your pinning habits? If not, read on for a few smart tips for the smart feed. 

UPDATE: For a more up-to-date view of how the Pinterest Smart Feed works, check out “Why Aren’t My Pins Being Seen? Diving Into the Pinterest Smart Feed.”

Smart Tips for the Pinterest Smart Feed

The smart feed. You might have heard it reference in hush tones, with eyes darting. But is it really so scary? In all honesty- not really. It turns out that the smart feed, like other social media algorithms, simply connects users with truly relevant content, making the bond between you and your truly devoted followers that much stronger. But it also requires some action on your part.

First off, what exactly does the smart feed DO? Basically, the pins go back to high school. Yup, that terrible den of social awkwardness and final exams. First off, the almighty Smart Feed organizes pins into cliques based on popularity (yeah, it’s pretty fetch). Each pin is weighted according to two different factors: Pin popularity and the activity level of the pinner that originally posted the pin.

While pin activity is pretty self-explanatory, pin popularity is a bit more complicated. Like in Mrs. Robertson’s coma-inducing Math class, each pin is assigned a grade, or score, based on 3 factors:

  • Pin image quality
  • Pin description quality
  • The user’s followed interests

So if you want to minimize the amount of lost followers, you have to maximize these qualities. How do ya do that? Read on my friend. Read on.

Timing Schmiming?

Since pins no longer evacuate the home feed after a few hours (or maybe a few days), you might be tempted to just pin at any time willy-nilly, However, this really isn’t a good idea. Instead, step back and consider what it means for timing to no longer be the end all be all. You need to make sure all of your bases are covered if you’re going to make the Pinterest algorithm work for you. Combine your masterful mastery of quality content with the best timing, found on your Tailwind dashboard. Because Tailwind is able to analyze when your audience is active, our suggested time slots provide you with amazing ground work to help boost your pins into the smart feed stratosphere.

An Eye for Quality

You know how we usually tell you that your pins have to be not only great, but incredible? With beautiful pics and epic descriptions full of juicy keywords? Yeah, that’s even more important now. If you just throw anything up there, it’s going to get buried. And there’s no point in pinning stuff that’s six feet under – your followers will not (and should not) dig for it. Create pins that both show and tell the pinner what they need with eye-catching images and helpful descriptions. Pintastic pins should also be relevant to your followers interests (check your Pinterest analytics for that!).

Curate Your Content

Under the rule of the smart feed, Pinterest isn’t for the lazy or weak of heart. It’s a battleground full of competing Pinterenemies: kittens with a fondness for boxes pounce at majestic waterfalls rushing beneath incredible sunsets. Yeah, go ahead and take a minute to savor that majestically adorable image.

Given the ferocity of these battles, it’s a no-brainer that you have to make sure your content is the best it can be, especially with the smart feed watching your every move. For instance, don’t let your pins outside wearing frumpy descriptions. Dress them up with keywords and important information. Another seemingly obvious tip? Log into the site and interact with the pins that show up in your specially created smart feed. And finally, make sure your links work. If a beautiful image of a waterfall links to Bob’s Used Insurance Emporium, we have a problem. Sending people to spam sites is an easy way to watch your rank plummet.

As with other algorithm roll-outs on other social networks, the Pinterest smart feed is ultimately about getting the best content to people.  The surefire way to find favor with any algorithm is to provide what people want.  Simple as that.

So there you have it. A short and to the point introduction and explanation to all things smart feed. Just remember- if you follow these guidelines and keep your creativity jumpin’, you too can be smarter than the smart feed.

Have any clever tips about climbing Mt. Smart Feed? Let us know in the comments!

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