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With Fall well under way, Thanksgiving imminent and Christmas just around the corner, we help guide your Pinning for the month ahead by showing you what Pins performed best last November

We analyzed all of the Pins from Tailwind members from November of last year and Pinned the ones that received the most Repins to our 11 “trends” boards – one board for each of the 11 most popular Pinterest categories.

We Pinned to these boards in the chronological order that the Pins were published, so Pins at the bottom of the board are from earlier in the month and Pins at the top are from later in the month.  Only the Pins on the board between the Pins that feature the text “What to Pin in November” and “What to Pin in October” relate to Pins that were popular last November.

What Tailwind’s “Trends” Boards Can Teach You

  • Perfect your seasonal timing so that you’re creating content at the right time of year
  • Uncover popular trends referenced by last year’s Pins and recreate their success by referencing this year’s equivalent trends
  • Observe the color pallets that work in the different categories at different times of year
  • Observe seasonal trends in Pin aesthetics: text overlays, aspect ratios and photography
  • Find seasonal keywords in Pin descriptions that may generate Pinterest search traffic

Big Takeaways from November:

  • Comfy and cozy were themes throughout all of the boards. The colors are warmer, the fabrics are richer, and the food is hardier.
  • Fashion is ever changing, but there are certain styles that endure. Warm coats and jackets, scarves, and jean are classic looks that were popular last year and will be popular going forward. In fact, one of the Pins was Pinned two years ago but still has staying power. For 2016 the trend, seem to be toward jean jackets, ripped jeans, and closer fitting cropped sweater.
  • Thanksgiving themed food Pins were more popular toward the beginning of the month and became more fall and winter inspired as the month progressed. Unless you have Thanksgiving leftover Pins, don’t continue to Pin Thanksgiving themed food after Thanksgiving ends.
  • Holiday & events heavily focus on Christmas in November. Because people are planning for the future and gathering ideas, if you Pin about the Thanksgiving holiday you will be behind. It’s also important to look at things going on in pop culture to gather ideas. For example, Star Wars parties were popular last year because Episode VII came out last December.

November Trends in the DIY and Crafts Category

Important keywords: DIY, Christmas, holidays, festive, step-by-step, gift, easy to make, printable, organizing, decor, budget

November Trends in the Education Category

Important keywords: books, reading, activity, Christmas, holiday, printable, winter, learning, classroom, imagination, lesson, Thanksgiving

November Trends in the Food and Drink Category

Important keywords: Easy, quick, pumpkin, cinnamon, creamy, chilly/chili, diets (vegan, gluten free, paleo, etc.), comfort, rich, Christmas

November Trends in the Hair and Beauty Category

Important keywords: Dramatic, tutorial, DIY, updo, romantic, nail art, hairstyle, beauty tips, eyeliner, contour, eyeshadow

November Trends in the Health and Fitness Category

Important keywords: Body parts (butt, abs, tummy, etc), challenge, workout, lose weight, shape, X day, X minute

November Trends in the Holidays and Events Category

Important keywords: Party, ideas, theme, Christmas, red, pink, gold, inspire, gift, easy, DIY, printable, planning, favors

November Trends in the Home Decor Category

Important keywords: Makeover, white, wood, organizing, DIY, rustic, storage, remodel, kitchen, bathroom, marble, decor, projects

November Trends in the Kids and Parenting Category

Important keywords: Reading, simple, learning, activity, toddler, sensory, DIY, fall, craft, preschool

November Trends in the Travel Category

Important keywords: Travel, adventurous, activities, attractions, lists, vacation

November Trends in the Wedding Category

Important keywords: Groom, bride, ideas, inspiration, flowers, rustic, hairstyle, dress, centerpieces, white, outdoor

November Trends in the Women’s Fashion Category

Important keywords: Street style, winter, cozy, fall, season, demin, warm colors (red, taupe, brown, etc.), boots, sweater

Video: Analyzing November’s Most Popular Pins

To help with the job of decoding the lessons from last year’s most popular Pins we recorded this Facebook Live.

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Published by
David Christopher

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