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What You’re Missing if You’re Not Using Social Audio

Photo courtesy of Ramon Ray

It’s easy to pick Ramon Ray’s energizing voice out of the crowd. Even if you can’t see his face, you can hear the smile in his voice, and you can’t help but feel motivated just by listening to a few lines delivered in his enthusiastic and empathetic tone.

That’s Ramon’s bread and butter, by the way. He’s an immensely popular motivational speaker who works with businesses large and small to inspire and educate on growing a business. Well, and an author. And an influencer. And an event producer. It kind of makes sense why his popular blog is called Smart Hustle.

But, our pal Ramon happens to be an expert on social audio (think: Clubhouse). And he joined us on Marketing Unleashed to make a case for why you should be thinking about this latest trend in marketing!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why you should think about investing in social audio
  • how to find the right spaces and make your mark
  • how social audio can help your business

And so much more!

Watch the full episode here!


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On Why You Should Be Testing Out Social Audio…

“One. It’s new. So first-mover advantage, we don’t know where it’s going to go. Imagine in five to seven or three to four years. It blossoms wouldn’t you want to be one of the leading people in your space leveraging the power of audio?

Point number two, I must say it sounds weird, but for many people getting ready with their hair and makeup and et cetera, it’s a minor pain, you know, my wife and daughters and others, even me, you put a shirt on, so that may sound silly, but social audio breaks through all of that, am I right?

And then I think point 3 is that those who are having platforms of video, which is powerful, blogging, which is powerful. I just think social audio, it’s real-time. So when the proverbial Elon Musk of your industry is talking, oftentimes you DM that dude or that gal on Instagram (at least that’s how it works on Clubhouse), they’re ready to do some engagement with you.”

On Networking with Social Audio…

“Doing this on YouTube or doing this on these big mature platforms, it’s hard. How can anybody get to the big dogs of the day who’ve been there for years?

But Clubhouse is so new, you know, they’re doing their little club. Only 30 people are there – they see you. You don’t know that they have a million followers on Pinterest. So that’s the way I see it. That’s the power I see is that for the small brands, it doesn’t mean it’s not everybody, but for the small brand that, that intellectual property attorney, if they find that right audio room where every day they’re speaking about immigration law, and you’re there, you’re going to be seen. Much more than you would on a bigger platform that’s mature, that already has millions on it.”

On How to Get Your Foot in the Door on Social Audio…

“Find small rooms on clubhouse or Twitter spaces or whatever, the social audit, maybe smaller rooms. Don’t look for the rooms of 10,000 people with Grant Cardone and everybody else. People go to those, but you’ll just be too drowned out.

Go to the room, with 50 people, 75 people. And start to show up on a regular basis. I promise you, after the 10th time, 20th time, you’ll hear people like, hey, Jennifer’s here again. Marty’s here again. Good to see you.

They’ll have connected with you. And then that’s where you start adding value.”

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Ramon Ray walks you through the unique advantages of social audio spaces and how to leverage them in this episode of Marketing Unleashed!


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