AI for Blog Writing: How To Use It?

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Lots of companies are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to help them create blog posts and generate articles.

AI writing software can help to ideate blog posts, produce large volumes of written content quickly and affordably, and lessen the reliance on human writers.

Below, we’ll break down exactly how these AI writing tools work, what benefits they have, and how you should utilize them most effectively to help you create high-quality content.

How AI Writing Tools Work

Despite their recent rapid increase in popularity, AI writing tools have been around for a while.

It can seem confusing at first, but understanding how an AI writing assistant works and how AI content is produced is a fundamental part of learning how to use the technology best to create blog posts.

Natural language processing

Natural language processing (NLP) is a branch of computer science specifically related to AI content that helps computers to understand the way that humans write and speak.

It uses predetermined algorithms to take data and analyze it, combining computational linguistics and machine learning models to enable computers to process and understand human language, both written and verbal.

NLP is split into two distinct components: natural language understanding (NLU) and natural language generation (NLG). The former involves mapping and analyzing the distinct aspects of the data. The latter refers to the process of producing meaningful words and sentences in relation to the data input.

GPT-based models

Generative pre-trained transformers (GPT) are a type of deep learning model used to generate text. GPT-based models can perform various NLP tasks such as:

  • Answering questions
  • Generating code
  • Content writing
  • Summarizing text
  • Translating existing content

Machine learning and data training

Data training refers to the data used to train a machine learning algorithm. This training requires a human to process and analyze the data initially. Depending on the AI tool in question, data training can include text, images, video or audio.

Benefits of AI Blog Writing

Whether you’re looking to write long-form content, upload a sporadic blog post, create landing pages, or engage in essay writing, our Ghostwriter tool can help.

Time and effort saving

Content creation, including writing articles, can be a time-consuming process. With Ghostwriter, it’s possible to create an entire blog post with just a few clicks and very minor input.

An AI writer can create blog posts in a fraction of the time it would take a human writer. Whether you’re looking to generate content at high volumes or not, an AI blog writer can be a good solution for cost-cutting and time-saving.

Improved writing quality

Arguments have been made within the writing industry about the quality of AI-written blogs, but AI tools have the potential to improve the caliber of content drastically. AI writing assistants have had a demonstrably positive impact on the writing process and are able to improve sentence structure, grammar, and tone of voice in just a few seconds.

Enhanced creativity

Consistently producing high-quality content can be challenging, both when briefing content and when creating it. Trying to come up with new content ideas while staring at a blank page — and suffering from writer’s block — is just one of many issues faced within content marketing every week.

When used correctly, an AI writing tool can alleviate some of the pressure for a blog writer. Asking Ghostwriter to create a blog outline, write blogs or generate fresh content can enhance creativity as well as productivity.

It wrote it in a way that I would have written it with all my years of experience.

Luis Alba,Sensei Founder/Owner of the AikiBudo Foundation

AI can provide unique, SERP-friendly blog posts or at least suggest new ideas that can then be written by a human copywriter.

Crafting Compelling Blog Content With AI

Having an AI tool complete article writing on your behalf sounds simple in theory. In reality, there are several different aspects of creating content with AI to keep in mind.

Use the following suggestions to make the most of your AI writer, enhance your results, and produce higher-quality blog posts.

Generating topic ideas

Having AI writing tools create fresh ideas for your website is one of the best possible ways to utilize the technology.

Artificial intelligence software can write content, but only with human input. Consider asking Ghostwriter to ideate for you, either using a specific example or a simple prompt. This can help to negate writer’s block and simplify the content creation process.

Using AI for brainstorming

As the next step, you can use Ghostwriter to brainstorm new ideas. Provide the AI writing tool with your chosen subject matter and have it generate content suggestions on your behalf.

If you’re hoping to produce an article about a particular topic, artificial intelligence can quickly and accurately provide you with a plethora of relevant information and points of view.

This doesn’t just apply to businesses looking to improve the process of writing articles. Ghostwriter can brainstorm ideas for long-form content, social media posts, and product descriptions — to name but a few areas.

Most people interested in AI-generated content don’t understand the full potential of AI tools, which can do far more than “just” write blog posts.

Use an AI writing assistant to analyze trends and gauge the topics your audience is interested in. This will help you to tailor your blog writing to best suit your consumers, which will be instrumental in driving traffic and increasing revenue.

Creating engaging headlines

A good content writer will create unique, engaging headlines for their blog posts. As mentioned above, however, writer’s block is a very real issue that can sometimes hinder the writing process and lead to lower-quality content.

Thankfully, AI writers don’t suffer from writer’s block, and AI can be used to create eye-catching headings and subheadings for blog posts.

Writing High-Quality Blog Posts

AI can simply write a blog post for you, but it’s best utilized in conjunction with a human copywriter or editor.

When creating content, article writing itself is only half the battle; AI writing tools have much more to offer than just the ability to write “walls of text”.

AI-assisted content structure and organization

An AI blog writer can positively impact the formatting and structure of an article. Businesses can look at this software almost like it’s an AI writing assistant: ask your chosen tool to structure a blog post or reorganize aspects of your content based on your final goal.

Enhancing readability with AI suggestions

Certain AI tools can help to enhance the readability of content. Hemingway Editor and Grammarly, for example, are two AI content assistants that can make suggestions regarding sentence structure, passive voice, and over-complicated phrasing, amongst other things. The more readable your blog content is, the more success you’ll likely see from it.

Editing and proofreading with AI

Proofreading and editing written copy is an essential aspect of the writing process, regardless of the quality of your content writer. If an article reads poorly and is littered with mistakes, it’ll be much less likely to convert or build brand authority.

Use an AI writing tool to improve your content writing, highlight errors and fact-check your articles.

Style and tone improvement

AI blog writing software can also improve the style and tone of your content. If content is too formal or informal, too complicated or simplistic, an AI tool can suggest alternative phrasing to better suit your intended readership.

SEO Optimization With AI

Search engine optimization is one of the most important aspects of content creation. It can help your blog post, and therefore your website, achieve the traffic that it deserves, benefiting your business in turn.

Screenshot of Tailwind Ghostwriter homepage

Keyword research and integration

The technology behind AI writing tools has improved rapidly in recent years and can now be used as a potential replacement for expensive keyword research software.

Identifying target keywords with AI

With just a few clicks, an AI assistant can produce a list of relevant keywords for you to implement in your blog posts, landing pages, and any other written content on your website.

Provide your AI writing tool with your blog post topic and use it to identify target keywords for implementation during content creation.

Optimizing keyword usage

Not only can it recommend keywords, artificial intelligence is also able to optimize your keyword usage. Use an AI tool to make suggestions for best placing keywords to rank higher.

Meta tags and descriptions

Finally, AI writers can help you create content meta-information. Simply request that AI write you a compelling, SEO-friendly meta title and description within a certain character count, and it will be able to produce something within seconds.

Not sure what is what? Here are the definitions: 

  • Meta tags and descriptions are small pieces of information that provide a summary of a web page’s content. 
  • Meta tags are HTML tags that provide information about the page to search engines. 
  • Descriptions are short summaries displayed in search results that entice users to click through to a page. 
  • They are important for optimizing web pages and improving user experience.


It’s clear that AI can do more than just “write a blog post”! Ghostwriter can benefit all elements of content marketing. Whether you want to use the tool to create content briefs, overcome writer’s block, optimize existing copy, or improve the grammar of your blog posts, AI-generated content has plenty to offer businesses and individuals, regardless of the end goal.

An AI blog writer can save time, boost traffic, and refine the quality of your content — all for a fraction of the cost of a full-time copywriter. Want to test it out? Try Ghostwriter today.

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