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UPDATE: You can now schedule pins and repins from anywhere on the web with Tailwind. 
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As we learned from the study conducted by Software Advice, social media scheduling is a tool a little over half of the marketers polled take advantage of. So what are some of the benefits those marketers reap from the tools? Below we’ve outlined a few of the great reasons you should be scheduling your posts.

benefits of social media scheduling

Save Time (obviously)

Probably the most obvious benefit of social media scheduling is the amount of time it saves. Rather than taking time out of your day, everyday, multiple times a day, to post on a multitude of social networks, scheduling allows you the freedom to get everything done at once.

Post on YOUR Fan’s Time

Just because 3 am is a convenient time for you doesn’t mean it’s a convenient time for your audience. Many tools, including Tailwind’s pin scheduler, suggest times based on your audience’s most active times. For example, Tailwind’s own brand analytics show that our audience is most active at 3 pm on Sunday’s: Best time for social scheduling Even though I’m typically hanging out with family at 3 pm on Sunday’s, I can still keep our audience engaged by scheduling posts to go out at that time. Win/win!

You Won’t Overload Followers

We’ve all seen it. A brand overloads your news feed with approximately 4,000 posts within a few minutes. And it’s understandable to any busy marketer. While social media is an important part of the modern marketing mix, it’s often hard to fit in. Rather than taking that precious free time to send out content all at once, marketers can just schedule posts to go out throughout the day.

Easier to Maintain Content

#MarketingMonday #FollowFriday #ThrowbackThursdays. Everyday seems to have a theme on social media, and sometimes it’s hard to keep up. Whether your company has a set content schedule or if you’re just interested in following the latest trend, it’s easy to stay up-to-date when everything is scheduled ahead of time.

You’ll Be Covered in Busy Situations 

Sometimes you get sick, sometimes you want to take a vacation or sometimes you’re just plain busy. If you find yourself in those situations where social media is just out of reach, scheduling posts will provide a safety net and help your brand stay visible. You never know what might happen, so plan ahead just in case.

BUT, Don’t Forget to Respond!

While social media scheduling is an incredible helpful tool, it’s also no replacement for good-old-fashioned online communication. If someone comments on a post, make sure you reach back out! You don’t want users coming to your page, seeing all your content, then feeling neglected. Put that time you saved scheduling posts to good use and talk to you fans.

What other benefits do you see from social media scheduling? Let us know in the comments!

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