Is Your Social Media Content Curation Just Noise OSP 069

Content curation is something that most social media markers say you MUST do in order not to be spammy or too self promotional. Many say it would be rude to only post your own content and never share anyone else’s. But, is your social media content curation just noise, is it really the best way to approach social media marketing?

Using Pinterest to Attract New Clients

The incredibly talented Margot of Margo Madison Creative is a graphic designer who has been creating gorgeous invitations for special events for over 15 years. This experienced business owner saw how Pinterest could help her business be even more successful. Margot shares with us how she uses Pinterest to attract new clients and to it helps her to work with work with existing ones.

The Viral Problem of Spam on Pinterest are You a Victim? OSP Episode 065

They’re on Twitter. They’re on Facebook. They’re on Google+… They’re even on Pinterest too! Wherever people are online, scammers will always be there to try to lure people to their spammy sites. They will steal your pins or your boards and use them as their own. They hurt business’ reputations! How do we identify spam on Pinterest and what can we do about it?

New Pinterest Features the Good and the Bad

Spring has sprung and all around there’s change and it seems that spring has made it’s way to Pinterest too. In the past few weeks new Pinterest features have bloomed. Some have the potential to be great for businesses on Pinterest but unfortunately, that’s not the case for all of them.