The Artisan Duck: Crafting a Successful Handmade Business with Tailwind

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In this case study you’ll learn:

  • How Tailwind helped skyrocket The Artisan Duck’s blog traffic by 854% in one year and save hundreds of hours on marketing, freeing up time for product creation
  • The power of Tailwind’s Ghostwriter AI for crafting engaging, on-brand copy and descriptions that sound authentic and connect with customers
  • How to leverage Tailwind’s tool to seamlessly direct social media followers to your most relevant product listings and content
  • Strategies for working smarter, not harder on marketing as a busy entrepreneur, so you can focus on your true passion

Hannah, a polymer clay artist from the UK, started The Artisan Duck in 2016 as a hobby while raising her two young children. Crafting jewelry provided a much-needed creative outlet and therapeutic escape during a challenging time when both her kids were diagnosed with autism. What began as experimenting with polymer clay techniques soon blossomed into a thriving handmade business.

Passionate about the uniqueness and individuality that handmade products provide, Hannah takes great pride in knowing that people choose her jewelry and decorations as special gifts. She pours care into every detail, from the artistry of the pieces themselves to the thoughtful packaging. 

A quote from Hannah about how her crafting and jewelry came about.

As The Artisan Duck grew, Hannah struggled to effectively market her business and drive traffic, especially to her blog. She was spending upwards of 6 hours per week creating pins, writing descriptions, and posting—but not seeing the results she hoped for. The tediousness of the process, combined with the difficulty of reaching her largely overseas audience, left her feeling stuck.

Overcoming the challenges of growth

Everything changed when Hannah discovered Tailwind. Seeing fellow creators rave about how the tool transformed their blogs gave her the push to give it a try. Her primary goal was increasing blog traffic and growing her audience. 

Line graph showing 854% growth in the first year and additional 105% growth in the second year.

Tailwind delivered rapid results, increasing The Artisan Duck’s blog traffic by a staggering 854% in the first year. Views continued climbing by an additional 105% the next year. Not only did Hannah’s content reach a wider audience, but Tailwind’s smart scheduling feature allowed her pins to post at optimal times for engagement—even while she was sleeping! 

“Before Tailwind, all my marketing would take about six hours,” Hannah shares. “Since signing up, it’s saving me hours and hours. For a blog post alone, it’s probably saving me a good two to three hours. If I hadn’t had Tailwind, I think I would have just sat and stared at the screen. It’s saving me hundreds of hours over the course of using it.”

Now Hannah spends no more than 2 hours per week on marketing. Tailwind’s suite of intuitive creation tools — like the ability to instantly pull images from a URL to design fresh pins—streamlines the process immensely. She also loves the AI content assistant for crafting engaging, on-brand copy and descriptions.

Leveraging a system of marketing tools

“Tailwind’s Ghostwriter AI allows me to put text in my listings that sounds like I’m telling a story about my piece of jewelry,” says Hannah. “It puts it across in a way that is fluid and practical and sounds, most of the time, just like me. It saves me a huge chunk of time because I don’t have to write at all to start with.

A quote by Hannah about the AI-written Pinterest descriptions with a screenshot from Ghostwriter.

Another favorite feature is the link tool. Hannah uses this to directly connect her social media content to relevant product listings and blog posts. No more endless scrolling and searching — customers can go straight to the items they’re interested in.

“It helped because on a platform where you are not able to do direct linking to take you straight off the platform, it saves people from having to scroll through all the various pages and sites to get to that one item,” Hannah explains. “That link will take you directly there. It does justify the name — it is indeed a ‘smart’ bio!”

Working smarter, not harder

With Tailwind powering her marketing behind the scenes, Hannah has more time and energy to focus on her true passion: making jewelry. She highly recommends the tool to fellow small business owners looking to save time and reach new audiences.

“Having Tailwind has helped me reach newer audiences that I possibly would have struggled to have, simply because most of my traffic is overseas,” says Hannah. “Tailwind has clearly been the function that’s helped me reach those people—hence the rapid growth I saw.”

With Tailwind, Hannah was able to work smarter, not harder, on marketing. The Artisan Duck has transformed from a simple hobby into a thriving handmade business with a growing online presence. Equipped with Tailwind to help her with social marketing, she’s excited to continue expanding her online presence and customer base. The sky’s the limit for this crafty entrepreneur!

Ready to skyrocket your blog traffic, save hundreds of hours on marketing, and focus on your true passion like Hannah did? Try Tailwind today and discover the power of smarter marketing for your craft business. Sign up now for a forever free account and see how Tailwind can help you work smarter, not harder — no credit card required!

Photo of The Artisan Duck's creator, Hannah on a yellow background.

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