How a Pinterest Marketing Expert Saves Time and Scales Her Growth with Tailwind

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In this case study you’ll learn:

  • How Jen Vazquez grew two businesses by harnessing the power of Pinterest marketing
  • The strategies Jen uses to save 3–4 hours per week on social media marketing using Tailwind
  • How Jen’s Pinterest growth skyrocketed, with outbound clicks increasing by 1384% in just 3 months
  • Why Jen believes every business can benefit from Pinterest marketing — even local service providers

Jen Vazquez wanted more time to spend with her kids and more flexibility in her schedule, so she launched her wedding photography business in 2009. Like most new small business owners, she needed to quickly get up to speed on effective marketing strategies so she could find clients and grow her brand new business. She wisely recognized Pinterest’s marketing potential and was able to grow her photography business with Pinterest marketing alone. 

Jen became a firm believer in Pinterest marketing, so she launched another business, Jen Vazquez Media, to help other small businesses succeed with her strategies.  As a solopreneur trying to serve multiple clients across two businesses while running her own marketing, Jen found herself spending up to five hours per week per client on Pinterest management alone. The manual work limited how many clients she could take on without expanding her team.

Pinterest Power

Jen emphasizes the difference between Pinterest and other social platforms: “Pinterest is more of a search marketing platform instead of a social marketing tool. It’s in the camp of Google for blogs and YouTube for videos. It’s a tremendous machine for getting new eyeballs and bringing people into your orbit.”

She elaborates, “Pinterest’s ability with its algorithm to get your content seen is unmatchable, except maybe YouTube. But YouTube takes a lot more work. I literally grew my whole photography business through Pinterest.”

Discovering Tailwind

When Jen found Tailwind, the ability to auto-post at optimal times immediately appealed to her. “I remember going to the website and going, ‘Oh my God, it will literally post for me at the best times for my account. Sign me up.’ Then I found out it did Instagram and Facebook too. I was sold.”

White text on a blue background that says "Do all social media and advertising in one place" with several screenshots of Jen Vazquez's pinterest page.

She was blown away again when Tailwind Ghostwriter AI launched years later. “It took it to a whole other level. Seeing the power of AI and how it could hone in on your brand by prompting—it’s amazing.”

Reclaiming Her Time

Tailwind cut Jen’s Pinterest management time from five hours down to just one hour per client each week. “What once took me four hours from beginning to end, Tailwind has now saved me that time,” she explains. Those reclaimed hours enabled Jen to:

  • Take on more clients without hiring additional staff 
  • Have more personal time, like dedicating Tuesdays to her grandchildren
  • Prioritize marketing her own business consistently, not just client work

“My client work was taking over and my own marketing fell by the wayside. Using Tailwind cut that time in half and allowed me to grow my own business while taking on new clients,” Jen shares.

Skyrocketing Growth

Screenshot of Jen's pinterest page with stats of her increase in outbound clicks and impressions.

By batch scheduling content in Tailwind, Jen committed to publishing a new blog post every week. Within 3 months, her Pinterest analytics soared:

  • Outbound clicks up 1384%
  • Impressions up 696% 
  • Engagement rate up 864%
  • Total audience up 655%
  • Engaged audience up 733%

“Getting people to click your pin and go to your website gives you the opportunity to convert them into clients. Tailwind helps make that happen,” Jen emphasizes.

Smarter Content Workflows

Jen teaches her clients to create smarter marketing workflows using Tailwind. Her own process involves:

  1. Writing a blog post on Sundays
  2. Turning the post into 5–7 social media posts 
  3. Making a video version of the blog
  4. Repurposing the video into Reels, TikToks, LinkedIn videos and YouTube shorts.  
  5. Scheduling everything in Tailwind 

“Marketing has to be done every week, or I’m to blame when there are no leads. Tailwind makes it doable by reducing 3–4 hours of work down to 1 hour,” she explains.

An Everyday Recommendation

Jen recommends Tailwind constantly, even to unlikely businesses. “I haven’t found a business yet that can’t benefit from Pinterest marketing. People think they can’t use it if they’re a local business. I laugh because I built my whole Bay Area wedding photography business on Pinterest!”

She urges, “There’s a Forever Free plan, so just try it. It won’t hurt you. When you see how robust it is and how much time it saves, you’ll want to upgrade. If you want to work smarter, not harder, Tailwind is an integral piece of that.”

What’s Next for Jen

Jen’s passion for Pinterest marketing education has led her to launch memberships and challenges to help more entrepreneurs harness the platform. As demand grows, she plans to expand her team to serve additional clients. 

Quote by Jen about Tailwind on a yellow background with a picture of her hugging her mother.

No matter how big Jen Vazquez Media gets, one thing is certain: “Tailwind is the one marketing tool I would never give up. It helps me work smarter and have more time for my family. I’m a big proponent of helping small business owners do consistent weekly marketing so they’re not struggling for leads. Tailwind makes that possible.”

Ready to harness the power of Pinterest and Tailwind to grow your business? Sign up for a forever free plan and get started today.

Photo of Jen Vazquez leaning on her kitchen counter and smiling with the blog post title and Tailwind logo.

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