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Are you taking advantage of the traffic-boosting power of Pinterest? Are you saving new content regularly, sharing Pins that engage your followers, and remaining consistent to boot? Have you been doing this manually – one Pin at a time – on Pinterest at all hours of the day or night?

If so, major kudos to you. And also – good news! You don’t need to do this anymore. Pinterest has introduced a 100%-free Pin scheduler right inside their app – and it works on desktop or mobile.

Granted, scheduling Pins through the Pinterest app has its limitations. Pinterest only allows Pinterest business accounts to schedule and limits scheduling to up to 2 weeks in advance. For more flexibility, we recommend Tailwind’s Free Forever Plan, so you can plan, create and schedule your Pins at the best possible times!

If you want the freedom to schedule up to a month in advance for either personal or business Pinterest accounts, we recommend using Tailwind’s Free Forever plan. Need even more Pins, Communities, and graphics? Snag one of Tailwind’s paid packages.

Now, lets walk through how you can schedule Pins to Pinterest for free.

How to Schedule Posts to Pinterest

But how do you schedule posts to Pinterest, you ask? Let’s get into it!

There are multiple ways to schedule Pins to Pinterest. The best Pinterest scheduler really depends on you and your brand! There are multiple options, and we’ll cover them all here.

Pinterest Pin Scheduler

Here’s the scoop: from desktop or iOS or Android on a Pinterest business account you can save up to 100 Pins up to 2 weeks in advance. That’s it. No bells, no whistles, no editing previously scheduled content – but hey, it works!

Steps to Schedule Using Pinterest

  1. Click on the Create button on the top left nav bar.
  2. Choose the “Create Pin” option from the drop-down menu.

3. Upload your image and fill in your Pin’s title, description, and destination website (your URL).

4. Click on “Publish at a later date” underneath your URL.
5. Schedule a date and time up to two weeks away. You’ll want to schedule at the best times for you – the times when your followers are most likely to be on Pinterest and engaged.

Pros of using Pinterest to Schedule Pins

  • You already know your way around Pinterest
  • You can have up to 100 Pins scheduled at one time
  • It’s free!

Cons of using Pinterest to Schedule Pins

  • You’re required to have a Pinterest business account to schedule Pins
  • You can only schedule up to 2 weeks in advance
  • You can only schedule one Pin at a time
  • You can’t schedule more than 100 Pins ahead
  • Once they’re scheduled you can’t edit them (but you can delete them!)

How to See Your Scheduled Pins on Pinterest

Just head over to your profile and click on “Pins” to see the Pins you’ve scheduled. You won’t be able to edit them, but you can click on them, then delete them or choose to have them sent out immediately.

Using a Pinterest Pin Scheduling Tool

If you are a company that either uses Pinterest often or intends to use it often in the future, you may find that Pinterest’s scheduler doesn’t quite meet your needs.

Sure, it’s great not having to manually Pin every day, or several times a day. But at a certain point, you’ll likely find it’s worth it to invest in time-saving, results-building features.

So let’s get into another option – the Pinterest scheduler tool in the Tailwind marketing suite!

Steps to Scheduling a Pin with Tailwind

  1. Log in to your Tailwind dashboard
  2. Select Create Designs to be taken to Tailwind Create, our social media graphics design tool, or Upload Media you already have ready for your Pin!
  3. Select the Pinterest account you want to schedule your Pin to from the dropdown list.

4. Check your uploaded image and then select Confirm.

5. Add your Pin Title, Pin Description, and Pin URL. OR, if you need a little help with your Pin Description, click “Ghostwrite For Me” at the top of the screen.

Our AI Pin description tool will ask for your URL, what you’re posting about, your title, any keywords or phrases you’d like to add, and your CTA. Then, it will generate 3 possible Pin description options for you!

Make your tweaks or click “Save Description” to save your new Pin description.

6. Underneath your Pin description, select the Pinterest board you want to send your new Pin to by typing in the board name or searching through the drop-down list!

7. Next, decide when to post your Pin! Our SmartSchedule tool will make recommendations based on the times your audience is most active and engaged on Pinterest. Or, you can choose a custom time by clicking the clock icon below!

Once you have selected your posting time, click Save for Later to save your new Pin in your drafts, or click Schedule Post to send it to your calendar!

How to See Your Scheduled Pins on Tailwind

You can view your scheduled Pins at any time on the calendar on your home screen! Just look at the date of your scheduled Pin to see a preview.

Hover over the tile to see an expanded view of your Pin, where you can edit, unschedule your Pin or even delete it at any time.

Pros of Using a Pinterest Scheduling Tool

Cons of Using a Pinterest Scheduling Tool

Conclusion: How to Schedule Pins to Pinterest

Pinterest has a great free tool for scheduling Pins. It’s limited in features and in the number of Pins you can schedule, but it’s a great way to try it out and see what scheduling can do for your Pinterest marketing – and for your calendar! For even more time-saving and advanced features, try out our forever-free plan to take your Pinterest marketing to the next level!


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